Michel is dead. He died at the age of sixteen but doesn't know why. He is not a ghost, a zombie and he is definitely not an angel. In this afterlife he lives in, the soul is only bound to the earth. Those who have died cant breath, eat or sleep. All they can do is watch the people around them die.
The number one rule of the afterlife is that you can not interfere with the living. The dead, are dead and cant even touch people, all they do is go right through them, but how come when a girl walks in the middle of the street and car is coming straight for her, how did Michel push her out of the way?


2. The One Rule

The number one rule of the world I live in now is that we can’t interfere with the living. We already cannot touch them; all that happens is if we have contact, our skin, our bodies, turn to mist. The living can’t feel us and we lose all feeling when we die. It’s like our bodies have been over dosed with morphine making everything numb.

But, some of the dead find what most people would call a loop hole. On the rare occasion some souls can interact with the living, though, these are only people who were immoral in their living state. There the people who have killed someone or committed rape. They become almost toxic in their state of death. They are given the feeling of want and all they want to do is tamper with the lives of the living. They become deranged, only caring about harming the lives of humans. The souls that possess this power look disgusting, it looks like a dead body covered in a thick layer of tar.

Yes, we can see each other, we can even have conversations but, its not very entertaining to talk to the dead, trust me.

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