Michel is dead. He died at the age of sixteen but doesn't know why. He is not a ghost, a zombie and he is definitely not an angel. In this afterlife he lives in, the soul is only bound to the earth. Those who have died cant breath, eat or sleep. All they can do is watch the people around them die.
The number one rule of the afterlife is that you can not interfere with the living. The dead, are dead and cant even touch people, all they do is go right through them, but how come when a girl walks in the middle of the street and car is coming straight for her, how did Michel push her out of the way?


3. Solid?

Most souls usually stay in one place, like their hometown, near family members and some even stay with their grave. Not me, I travel to different towns, watch people lives play out, almost like my own personal movie. I’ve seen a lot since I have died, I don’t generally get to do what I want to do, but at least I can watch other people be happy.

I began walking to a new town in Florida that I had never been to. In my mind, Florida is the best place in the world to live. What can I say, I’m a guy, and in Florida there are a lot of skate parks. Anyway, I was passing through a town called Ocean Side, it was small and near the ocean. I don’t know what the air smelled like or how the weather felt but, it looked warm out.

As I walking, I saw a girl around the age of sixteen riding her skate board in the middle of the street. She was being reckless, not wearing a helmet, or knee pads, almost reminded me of how I looked the day I died. The girl kept riding it in the middle of the street and was no longer paying attention, but I was. I soon saw a large truck coming towards her, and she wasn’t moving out of the way. She wasn’t seeing what was going to happen. I started running, faster, harder and soon I was only inches away from her. Then, I pushed her of out of the way, it was reflex but, it actually worked. She actually was pushed out of the way of the truck and as the massive vehicle went through me, I stared in disbelief, knowing I moved her out of the way.


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