Dairy of a lonely girl

Abandoned at her parents old house, with £65 pounds and a credit card with a P.I.N on a post-it note, Dalia was left alone after 2 years of her birth. How will she survive? With the help of her friends, maybe?


1. Age 2 - Where's mammy and daddy?

The door slammed, and the only sound was the wind. Mammy and Daddy left me, and they shouted that they weren't coming back. I needed my tea, they left me without it. There's this plastic card , bit of paper and money. I heard a bark. A doggy! A little black and white doggy, bark bark barking. It has fluffy ears and was probably a baby, like me! I will keep it forever and ever and ever... 



HEY GUYS! So this is just a taste of what's to come, so please tell me if you think I should continue. I will probably upload most days if you think I should continue. Remember to comment, favourite and like xoxo but no homo 

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