Love while we're young

Susie is just the average 19 year old with her average friends. She faints in nando's and her story just begins. She meets one direction and falls inlove with one certain member. Can she trust him with all her heart or will he break her heart. Find out!


1. Nandos

Hi! I'm susie! I am almost 19 and live in england. I have brown, curly hair and brown eyes. I live by myself and have a couple of great friends. This is my story... 

"Hey, lindsey! Do u wanna go to nandos later?" I asked on the phone. "Yeah, i can! Ill meet you there one. So thats wbout 10-20 miniuts.!" She replied and i agreed and ended. I got dressed in some little white shorts and a frilly top with the british flag on. I went downstairs and made some cereal. I looked at the time and i had about 2 minuits so i got into the car and drove to nandos. I saw lindsey waiting for me and she looked upset. "Hey!" I said. "Hi, i have some bad news!" She said. "Well whatever it is tell me in nandos," i said really trying to get her inside before she makes up a piontless excuse. "No, i'm too sad to! Jake broke up with me." She said and started to cry. "Oh, i'm so sorry! You go home and rest!" I said, feeling bad for her and for me for eating at nandos alone. "Thanks, your such a good friend!" She said and i walked her to her car. I waved goodbye and walked into nandos. I sat at table 10 and looked at my phone. I started playing angry birds but accidentely dropped it in my drink. "Damn!" I said to myself as i picked it back out and wiped it with a napkin. I tried turning it back on but the screen went all wierd like something that you eould use to hyptnotise someone. I was staring at it for a while until everything went black.

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