I was just visiting my homeless friend in her hideout ready to tell her all about the one direction concert at the arena. I was walking down the ladder all ready to talk about and obsess over one direction. boy was I in for a surprise


2. chapter two

Bailey's POV

YES! finally out of school. Adaeze and I are running as fast as we can. All of our classmates are looking at us like we're crazy which we might very well be. We reached the hideout in about 5 minutes. I'm so excited I call out to Lindsy. there was no response I got worried so I called out again no answer. Me and Adaeze look at each other this is not good not good at all. I climb down the ladder as fast as I can a thousand thoughts running through my head what if someone found her. I look for her as soon as I hit the ground luckily I see her sitting on the cushion thank the lord. " thank god you're ok I was so worried don't do that ever again please" I hugged her.lindsy couldn't speak and I had no idea why she just kept saying " uh umm' then smiling awkwardly 30 seconds later I knew why there in our hideout was one direction.

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