I was just visiting my homeless friend in her hideout ready to tell her all about the one direction concert at the arena. I was walking down the ladder all ready to talk about and obsess over one direction. boy was I in for a surprise


3. chapter three

                              bailey's POV

'FINALLY school is out '. adaeze and I run as fast as we can down the hideout and climb as fast  as we can down the ladder. 'LINDSEY' I call out. 'LINDSEY ANSWER US' still no answer I looked at adaeze very worried. I try one more time ' LINDSEY I SWEAR IF THIS IS A PRANK IT ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL' . after what feels like forever we finally reached the bottom of the ladder.i see Lindsey and feel so relieved but then I get kind of mad. 'Lindsey what the hell you had us scared to death'. she still wouldn't talk she was like frozen.i've been friends with her for so long I could tell something was wrong the only fear she ever really had is that someone would find her what if someone did? I was about to swarm her with questions when suddenly I heard adaeze gasp. I turn around to see the 5 boys of one direction staring just as confused at us as we were at them.


                     louis'  POV

we hear someone call out 'LINDSEY' so that must be her name she hasn't said a word since she saw us. again we hear 'LINDSEY ANSWER US' so wait there was more than one person? we hear one more call 'LINDSEY I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS IS A JOKE IT ISN,T FUNNY AT ALL".that was it me and the boys went around the corner and saw to girls talking when they saw us everything went silent ....





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