I was just visiting my homeless friend in her hideout ready to tell her all about the one direction concert at the arena. I was walking down the ladder all ready to talk about and obsess over one direction. boy was I in for a surprise


1. chapter one


Bailey's POV

Aw man, I still have 30 minutes until school ends. All I can think about is going to see Lindsey in our hideout. Me and Adaeze are going to see her after school. oh did I forget to mention Lindsey is homeless. Only me, Adaeze, Mckenzie, Brianna, Sydney, Emily, and Bridget know abot her and our secret hideout. The secret hideout was formed because one day I found Lindsey on the street in the rain and she was freezing so that's how me and her became friends and I introduced her to my other friends. We're the only people she talks to oh she's also an orphan. Anyway me, Adaeze and Lindsey are meeting today to talk about and obsess over the one direction concert in Louisiana. The other friends aren't that big of one direction fans. I don't think I cam wait any longer I'm tempted to run out of the room. I hope I can make it through the rest of the day.


Lindsey's POV

I Can't wait for bailey and Adaeze to get out of school. Because I'm hearing all these weird noises and I want to tell them about it. And were also going to talk about the one direction concert I wish I had a clock in here so I could see how long until they get out of school. The noises here they come again but this time they won't stop it's really annoying I'm abut to go check the ladder. As I get closer to the ladder I see a shoe on it I call out Bailey and Adaeze?? you guys are out of  school already?? A much deeper voice answers me who's in here? I was really scared if it wasn't bailey who was it please let this be a prank. When they came down I realized it wasn't a prank. Me Lindsey was standing in front of one direction!!


One Direction's POV

as we stepped out the van to go get a bite to eat we realized we made a huge mistake. Fans came from every direction and we were trapped so we did the only thing we can think of we ran. We ran we were ahead of our fans and we found a door that looked like it hadn't been opened in years we ran inside our fans ran right past us but we didn't dare go back outside we started climbing down a ladder we saw. As we walked down we heard someone call out Bailey and Adaeze??? she sounded scared but harry responded who's down here. we were met with silence. As we made it to the bottom a girl stood in front of us she looked to scared to move we all stayed silent.

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