I was just visiting my homeless friend in her hideout ready to tell her all about the one direction concert at the arena. I was walking down the ladder all ready to talk about and obsess over one direction. boy was I in for a surprise


4. chapter four

                                                Lindsey's POV

the silence has been going on for what felt like hours when bailey finally spoke up 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!' I gulped and said ' I don't know I was in here like always... when I saw a shoe on the ladder..  I thought it was you so I called out you guys so I called out your names.. when it wasn't you who answered I got scared to death.... since then I didn't know what to do so I waited on you". then for the first time since bailey and adaeze got there one of the boys talked. 'so you are bailey and adaeze the ones she called out for?' harry asked . adaeze answered very nervously 'yes'. bailey obviously annoyed and not shy like me answered "no offense but why are you down here no one comes down here. Louis answered ' You're down here". bailey didn't really have an argument so she just said ' that's different now answer my question'. This time Liam spoke up "We went out to grab a bite and fans started chasing us so we saw a door and then a ladder and climbed down here". bailey still looked kind of mad. adaeze sensed it to ' Bailey you cant be mad at them they were almost mobbed". bailey sighed then looked at adaeze ' You're right I am sorry" Then she stated to no one in particular" I'm going to change out of this uniform." then adaeze stated "I,m coming to"


                             Harry's POV

after the girls got changed it was still very awkward. Finally bailey broke out and said ' i'm tired of just sitting around lets umm... ooh I know play truth or dare!" I loved how not shy she was. everyone agreed I couldn't I got to sit by Bailey we spun the bottle to see who went first and it landed on....

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