The Switch

Lets just say that Addison and her twin sister Paige found each other on the internet. They deceided to see if they can switch places just for a month. Addison was the orphan that was left on somebodys doorstep while Paige was left in a rich neighberhood. There mother was a very serious drug dealer and people wanted to harm her and her daughters. Paige grew up in a very loving community with her adopted family sister and her younger brother while Addison grew up in a very trashy neighberhood with her 4 little brothers. But once Addison switches places with Paige she doesn't regret it. She finds a new loving family , A great boyfriend, and a very uncomfortable stalker...Paige finds out that Addisons life isnt so bad....Till.....She uncovers the truth about there father and why he choose paige unstead of Addison. Will they both survive the madness of there switch or just keep living the great life....


1. The meeting

 Today is the day, i thought.  I am going to see my twin sister Paige , Which i recently meet on the internet. We are going to meet each other at the park near the old rustyWalmart. She lives in a rich cozy town nearby garland, Her father Mr.Donnelly is a lawyer , while her mother is a fashion designer. Paige is a wonderful , friendly girl so far and also she has a sweet caring boyfriend named Gabriel. 1 Sister same age as her that goes by Justice and a younger brother whom name is Luke. Her life seems great, better than mine then, I have to live with my foster care 4 little brothers (Jessie and the Triplets Anthony, Andrew and Aaron.) I havent introduced myself yet,.. Im Addison Tidwell, my mother was a drug saler, she gave us away for our own saftey. I never meet our father but i wish i could. It is almost close to 6 pm. Hope she isnt bailing on me. I spy two bright flashing headlights coming right at me i move to the side a bit. A bright gold and black mustang with leather seats and a dashing luster to it is the car of my sister...Then I see my exact self staring at me inside the car. " Hey, Addison! im sorry im a little late, i had some duties to do. So you are my twin huh? We look exactly alike! Expect you're kinda shy and more intelligent.." Paige examines.." Glad to finally meet you Paige, So tell me about your life how everything works so i can do my best to be you for a month" i say . " Well My sister is very generous so just be nice to her, My brother is rude and unkind he will steal your cookies." She laughs. I laugh too, my sister has humor like me. " My mom will try to make your clothes better but sometimes a little to girly. My dad isnt home all the time but when he is enjoy that time, he is a very serious guy but with a bright side to everything." She continues..."My boyfriend knows about the twin thing and please don't steal him he's mine just kidding , but he is mine but you shouldn't worry about him he will try to help you be me, That is techinally all you need to know , now tell me what i need to know" she says. " Well my brothers are annoying but they won't bother you much , aaron is the nicest out of all of them, He is the one with the ruffy dark rown hair. My dad is like any other dad, he cares about you , he loves you , But when its game time don't mess with him you dont want to get on his badside."I continue.." Besides my dad and brothers you wont have a problem unless you're bad at math...but you are going to be fine." i say.

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