The Switch

Lets just say that Addison and her twin sister Paige found each other on the internet. They deceided to see if they can switch places just for a month. Addison was the orphan that was left on somebodys doorstep while Paige was left in a rich neighberhood. There mother was a very serious drug dealer and people wanted to harm her and her daughters. Paige grew up in a very loving community with her adopted family sister and her younger brother while Addison grew up in a very trashy neighberhood with her 4 little brothers. But once Addison switches places with Paige she doesn't regret it. She finds a new loving family , A great boyfriend, and a very uncomfortable stalker...Paige finds out that Addisons life isnt so bad....Till.....She uncovers the truth about there father and why he choose paige unstead of Addison. Will they both survive the madness of there switch or just keep living the great life....


3. School day

 As the bell rang i scurried to my class, i past by some random strangers staring at me. When i finally got to class i immediately sat down, i sat by some gothlic chick with a percing in her lip( is that even allowed?) and by some hot jock. I was really trying to pay attention to the teach but i just couldn't i kept thinking if this was a dream of real life, I couldn't believe that Paige some popular girl is my twin sister . When the bell rang to dismiss class i ran toward the door with my books hoping no one will talk to me. I was so close when a cute boy about my height a little taller , perfect tan skin, broad sholders and dark scurry brown hair a length to his sholders asked me a question. " Hey ,...Paige ....." he said." Uhmm.. Hi" i said back." I was wondering if you are some how... Free tommorrw night.?" he replied. " Uhmmmmm... Sure yes i am. Why.?" i responded" Because i wanna ask you on a date dur... Sorry. But be my date to the new opening to the art show?" he asked shyly..." I will be your date, what time?" I said " At 7:oo pm is that okay? ill pick you up" he anwsered. " Yes thats fine, and i gotta go to my next class bye bye" I shouted while walking away. I already got asked out on my first day being Paige wow... I'm Loving her life. During the rest of the day people kept saying hi and how was your weekend, i was glad to get out of there. When i was walking to paiges mustang i saw someone glancing my way, i quickly turned away. When i turned back he was reading his book like nothing happened, i went up to him... I asked him who he was and why he stared at me. He responded that i act differnt and that he knows im not Paige. I quickly gasped but then remembered that he was Gabriel. My sister has good taste, He was super handsome i almost thought he was a super model or something. " You are nicer than Paige and more well better than her... So how difficult was her life so far.?" he asked. " its pretty easy.... i just dont know everyones names thats confusing but i bet i'll learn them in a month." i quickly responded. " Well people know we are together... What do we do..? pretend we broke up untill paige gets back or what?" he asked questionly" I dont know... you decide and i already got a date today,.. Sorry?" i asnwered. " Well i guess you can go on that date but ill actally like to be with you but like no kissing or anything like that for pretend.." He Said " Sure im fine with that, and bye ima be late". I waved at him and got into my car , turned up the radio then drove to the Donnelly house. 

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