The Switch

Lets just say that Addison and her twin sister Paige found each other on the internet. They deceided to see if they can switch places just for a month. Addison was the orphan that was left on somebodys doorstep while Paige was left in a rich neighberhood. There mother was a very serious drug dealer and people wanted to harm her and her daughters. Paige grew up in a very loving community with her adopted family sister and her younger brother while Addison grew up in a very trashy neighberhood with her 4 little brothers. But once Addison switches places with Paige she doesn't regret it. She finds a new loving family , A great boyfriend, and a very uncomfortable stalker...Paige finds out that Addisons life isnt so bad....Till.....She uncovers the truth about there father and why he choose paige unstead of Addison. Will they both survive the madness of there switch or just keep living the great life....


2. New families

 I arrive to the adress she gave me, I stare up and almost faint to what im seeing. A 3 story red velvet house, two cars parked outside, a wide open window. A red oak tree beside the house, little rocks leading to the entrance, a walk view on the second floor, a neatly cut grass lawn. I almost want to pinch myself to see if i'm dreaming. I knock on the door, a nice blonde woman comes out" Paige , don't you have your key.?" she asks. " oh my key..? i i i .... i forgot at my friends house...." i answer poliely. " Well then come inside you're freezing out here." she says. When i walk inside the first thing that catches my eye is the golden chandelier hanging above the dining room table. The light sparkles from the chandelier into the porch . I gasp at the grand view, i've only seen these types of houses on those tv shows where they show the most richest houses. Mrs. Donnelly goes back to her bedroom, i keep staring at the living room. I walk into the kitchen, just to even more have my jaw drop. I see a silver luster refridgerator , a Bar stool , Some fancy glasses and a sparkling ceiling. I keep walking around the entire house untill im so tired i could fall asleep on the couch. I try to find Paiges bedroom but there must be like ten bedrooms in this house. I keep trying untill i see a poster hanging on a door that says" Paiges bedroom Keep out or suffer the conquences." I guess this was the one , I walk inside just for me to almost pinch myself again. I see a colorful carpet, maybe rainbow, a galaxy theme covers and a walk in closest of maybe ten feet enterance. There is also a little walkway to stare at the stars. I go into the closet to find the most comfortable clothes to sleep in, i find a red elmo shirt and a pair of fluffy sweat pants. The next morning, i get up and walk to the kitchen, i see Mrs.Donnelly standing there making chocolate chip pancakes . Justice is sittign at the little bar with stools on the side eating her pancakes. While Luke is devouring his pancakes , Mr.Donnelly is nowhere to be seen. I check my phone whil i wait for my pancakes to see how Paige is doing, 1 New Message. I check it, " Hey Addison im having a great time your brothers are adorable! Hows my life? " i text back saying im having a fantastic time. Then i finish my pancakes and head out to school.

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