Little feet

Zayn and perrie are happily married and after their wedding they had a little fun....


2. The news....

Perrie's P.O.V

As soon as zayn got home I took the pregnancy test out of his hand and ran to the bathroom.




the timer on my phone beeped like crazy, I grabbed my phone turned off the time and went to the bathroom I picked up the test and read "positive" oh my god I'm pregnant what will zayn think "perrie r u okay you've been in the bathroom for 10 minutes and I have to go use the bathroom" zayn says thru the door "yeah ill be right out but when I come out I have to tell you something" I say as I open the door " babe what's the news?" "Zayn I'm pregnant"


Zayn's P.O.V

"Zayn I'm pregnant" instantly a smile appears on my face I pick perrie up and spin her around "babe that's great news I can't believe I'm gonna be dad, you know what perrie we should have a party and invite the lads and their girlfriends" I say excited "sure why not babe" perrie says smiling 


Perrie's P.O.V

 I'm so relived that he wants the baby. I can't wait for the party "baby when's the party? and can you give strawberries I with Nutella" I ask craving some strawberries with Nutella "sure babe and the party will be tonight so right after break fast get ready we need to get party items and a cake" he says sweetly. After breakfast I got ready I wore a and knee length foral dress with some nice beaded sandels "Hun you ready?" Zayn yells up the stairs "yuppers" I yell back I grab my purse and walk down stairs "you look beautiful as always" he says kindly. I blush and say "you look handsome as always" then zayn grabbed my hand and we left to go to get party items. 

A/N: hey my mini unicorns I have got a girlfriend for Harry her name is Lauren but I still need a girlfriend for Niall so please comment if you want to be Niall's girlfriend anyways byeeers I luv my mini unicorns!😘

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