Little feet

Zayn and perrie are happily married and after their wedding they had a little fun....


3. Shopping!!!


Zayn's P.O.V

"babe I'm going go get the cake" perrie says taking the car keys "okay meet you at home in a hour" I replied kissing her "bye" she yelled walking away "bye" I yelled back. I walked around the store and found the ballon isle should I get purple ballons or aqua ballons?....purple ballons.

I walked around the store and got a bunch of things then checked out. 

Perrie's P.O.V 

I went to DQ and got a large mint Oreo cake and went home a few minutes early and to my surprise zayn was there decorecting the house "hey zayn" I said "why did come home so early I wanted to surprise you" zayn pouted I laughed "babe I'm gonna go call everyone" I yelled half way up the stairs "okay" zayn yelled back. I got out my phone and made a group chat cause I'm too lazy to call everyone. I texted everyone and they all said yes! I went downstairs to help zayn decorate.


Finally me and zayn are done decorating I checked the time it was 7:00 we should start getting ready "babe lets go get ready for the party" I said "okay" zayn replied.

A/N: hello my mini unicorns sorry its short and I have not updated in a long time I have been so busy I forgot about it anyways I still need someone to be Niall's girlfriend please comment your name and the first to comment they will be his girlfriend anyways bye love ya 😘😘😘

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