New Beginning



4. Relief

It had been a week since the baby had arrived. She was perfect. I loved her with everything in me. 

Niall and I were still to get married. We wanted Carly to be a bridesmaid so we planned for the wedding to be a few years after she was born. We had a long time to wait. 

I was laying in bed, Niall was fast asleep. It was 1.24am. I couldn't sleep...

I kept thinking back to the time when I went to have the DNA test... 

I remember how all the feelings I went through on that day. 

I remember feeling like I was betraying Niall, I felt guilty.

Whenever I though of it, all the emotions would flood back into my mind.

Niall never did find out about the DNA test...

-Flash Back-

''Sample One'' The doctor repeated as he handed me the paper work.

I couldn't move. Its like my body was paralyzed. I stood there thinking about everything. Niall, Harry, the baby... everyone.

''Thank you, doctor'' I finally managed to spit out after what seem like hours of silence.

He smiled at me and showed me out of the room. Still in shock, I walked over to Perrie and broke down into tears.

''Oh my god, Anna, what happened'' She whispered as she quickly picked up our stuff and started to walk me quickly to the car.

I couldn't talk about it right now. I wanted to, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

Perrie kept her arm around me the whole time, luckily, there were no fans waiting out side. 

We both jogged out the building and over to the car. I kept my head down the whole time. 

Thankfully my car windows were blackened.

We both got into the car and slammed the doors behind us.

I started to cry even more.

''Anna, you'll start me off in a minute''

''I- I don't know what to feel'' I mumbled as I wiped my eyes and nose on a tissue that Perrie had passed me.

''Tell me what happened first''

''He told me, that the, DNA test worked..'' I sniffed between every few words, trying to catch my breath.

''Its okay, calm down..Carry on'' Perrie said comfortingly as she put her arm around me and rubbed my back slowly, her bright blue eyes were locked into mine.

I took a deep breath and continued to talk.

''The dad is sample one'' I stated. All my tears had gone now. There was nothing anymore. I had a thumping head ache though.

''Who was sample one?'' Perrie asked after a long pause.

''Niall.'' I smiled. The tears I was crying were happy and sad. I couldn't bear to see the look on Harry's face when I had to tell him it was Niall's. But I can't even begin to explain the amount of relief I felt.




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