New Beginning



7. Intense

''Anna, Harry is coming round to see us today''


''Said he's coming around 11 ish''

''Okay then... Why's he coming here?''

''To see us? And Carly'' Niall laughed as he watched me put my make up on.

''Oh, yeah, okay'' I nodded, clearing my throat. Talking about Harry to Niall always made me nervous, it filled my body with the previous feelings of guilt I had had.


''Harry is here, Anna!'' Niall called. I quickly checked on Carly who was in a deep sleep before making my way down the stairs.

''Hello, Anna'' Harry greeted me with his long, dimpled smile.

''Hi, Harry'' I smiled, looking down before giving him a polite and friendly hug. 

''Carly is sleeping, so I don't recon you will be able to see much of her'' Niall stated as he wondered into the lounge, gesturing for us to follow.

''How have you two been then? Haven't seen you in ages'' Harry asked. 

''Good, everything has been perfect, what about you?'' Niall replied with a smile after handing Harry a bottle of bear and taking one fore himself.

''Cheers mate, and it's all been good, still looking for a girl, but I'm sure I'll find her soon'' He laughed, glancing over to me with a longing expression in his eyes. I tried to ignore it.. I blushed and looked down at my feet.

''Yeah, thats what I was like, but then I found my princess. It's worth the wait, trust me.''

Harry, Niall and I continued to talk about general things like the dog, Carly and what we have been up too lately. 

Harry continued to shoot glances at, making me think that he still had feelings for me. I really needed to talk to him. Not just about how he was acting but about Carly.

''Im going to check on Carly, Anna'' Niall stated as he stood up from his seated position and left the room promptly.


I ignored him, I didn't want to look at him.

''Anna look at me''

I looked up at him, his green eyes staring over at me.

''What'' I whispered.

''You left my question unanswered''

''What question, Harry?'' I asked, sighing as I took a sip of my water.

''Who's the father?''

My mind stood still. How could he bring that back up? Out of everything he could have said, he started with that question.

''Harry, I d-''

''Niall will be back soon, just tell me'' He said as he took a small swig from the beer bottle. I could hear Niall's footsteps descending the stairs.

''I don't want to talk about that now''

''Text me later then. Alright?'' He asked or commanded, intensity struck his face and his eyes were locked onto mine. A few seconds later Niall entered the room and broke the intense vibes.


''That was nice of Harry to pop in'' Niall smiled as he hugged me from behind whilst I was drying up the dishes.

''Yeah'' I replied, trying to forget mine and Harry's intense conversation.

''You seem tense, princess, whats up?'' He held me tighter, pulling me away from the counter and spinning me round so I was now facing his chest.

''Im alright, just tired'' I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck, he lent his head down and placed a soft kiss on my lips before pulling away, looking into my eyes and smiling.

''You really were worth the wait, beautiful'' 

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