New Beginning



3. First Uncles

I woke up surrounded by people. I felt refreshed and ready for today.

''Niall, she's waking up'' I heard Louis whisper. I opened my eyes slightly letting them adjust to the light, I could make out the voices of all of the boys. Mine and Niall's parents were there too.

''Morning, beautiful'' Niall said as I opened my eyes fully. He was standing above me, his eyes looked tired, but his smile was so perfect. He was holding Carly in his arms, she was wrapped up in a baby pink blanket.

I sat up in the bed.

''Pass her here'' I asked as I held my arms out.

Niall gave her one last look before he passed our daughter over to me. She was mine. Beautiful and perfect in every way.

I held Carly in my arms as every one gathered round to see. My mum was taking pictures as well as Niall's.

''She's beautiful'' I said as I lent down and kissed her small head. I held her for what must have bee around ten to twenty minutes while people started to chat. I caught up with my mum and dad before they left. Liam and Zayn had also left with Danielle and Perrie.

''Can I hold her?'' Harry asked after clearing his throat. I looked up at him, he had a serious look on his face. I was taken by surprise, I didn't think he would want any thing to do with the child.

''Of course'' I said as I gave Carly to Harry

I stepped out off bed, Niall quickly came over and helped me.

''Anna...'' Niall whispered.

''Yes, babe''

''I want something'' He continued, he began to tuck my hair behind my ear. Louis and Harry were too interested in the baby to look up at me and Niall.

''What else could I possibly give you'' I whispered into his ear before letting out a slight giggle.

''Kiss me''

''I think you should kiss me''

Niall moved his head closer to mine so only our foreheads were touching, our eyes were locked onto each others. We both leaned in, I felt his soft lips brush over mine quickly, persuading me to kiss him first. But I wanted him to kiss me, so I didn't move. We both opened our eyes, I smiled at him cheekily. He let out a chuckle and closed his eyes again, I mirrored his actions.

He pressed his warm lips against mine, it felt so good to finally kiss him. Out lips moved in unison, I couldn't help but break the kiss by smiling. I was so happy.

We both opened out eyes and looked at each other. Niall smiled and gave me another quick kiss on my forehead before re directing our sight onto Carly, Louis and Harry.

''Uncle Lou and Uncle Harry'' I giggled

''She's so cute!'' Louis laughed as he took a picture of Harry holding Carly. The boys had told the fans about everything. Me and Nail getting engaged and having a baby. They all seemed pretty hyped up about it. I loved their fans, they were so nice.

''I'm tweeting this photo, Harry'' Louis smiled as he looked up at Harry and Carly.

Louis tweeted 'Carly with Uncle Harry, where's mummy and daddy?'

''Lou or Haz, take a picture of me and Anna with Carly?'' Niall smiled as he walked over to Harry. 

Harry passed Carly carefully over to her dad, Niall made his way over to me and gave me our baby. I smiled and took Carly into my arms. 

We both sat down on the bed, Carly in my arms, both of us in Niall's arms. We smiled for the camera.


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