New Beginning



2. Carly

I was so exhausted. I wanted to sleep as soon as possible  but I needed to see the baby.

I could hear it's first, quiet cries as the doctors checked him over. 

I relaxed further into my bed whilst the nurses moved the dirty sheets out. I peered over toward the doctors and saw Niall standing over them, watching our new baby. He had a massive smile sprawled across his face. 

I could hear the doctors saying things but I was to tired to make out what they were saying. They passed the new born into Niall's large, supporting arms. He looked down at it and I saw a tear fall down his cheek.

He was a dad.

''It's a girl, Anna'' He said as he looked up at me and smiled even bigger.

I grinned and stretched my arms out, gesturing for Niall to bring over the baby.

He put her carefully down in my arms. I stroked her tiny head as I held her. She had her dad's eyes. Big, bright and a deep blue.

''What about her name?'' Niall asked as he looked at me with loving eyes.

''What do you think?'' I said quietly as I took my eyes of my daughter and looked up at Niall.

''I like Carly?'' He said as he set his finger tips lightly on her soft head.

''That's perfect. Carly Horan.'' I replied.

''She's beautiful. Just like her mum'' He added.

''I love you''

''I love you too, Anna'' He said as he offered to take Carly back. I let him. As much as I wanted to hold her, I needed a lot of rest.

The nurses had arranged for me to stay at the hospital over night because it was nearly midnight. They got me up and took me into a different room which wasn't for birth. There was a cot for Carly to sleep in. Niall went home to prepare everything for when we took her home. I didn't now where everyone else was, I assumed that they would have to wait until tomorrow to meet the new baby.

I fell asleep almost instantly. The baby didn't cry at any point during the night. 


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