New Beginning



5. Arguments

''Niall can you get Carly ready now please?'' I asked as I walked into our bedroom. Niall was sitting on our large double bed with Carly, she was starting to grow her hair and Niall couldn't stop playing with it.

He looked up at me.

Naill's Pov:

I took my eyes of Carly and looked up at Anna. She was so beautiful, she was everything that I ever wanted. She had given me a beautiful daughter, what more could I want. 

I stared at her with content for a few seconds.

''Niall? We need to go soon'' Anna interrupted, starting to get slightly worried about our timing.

''I know, beautiful, don't worry'' I chuckled as I took Carly into my arms and carried her over to her black and red baby carrier. I placed her down in it and gently slid my hands away from her before carefully strapping her in.

''There's no rush, babe'' I reminded her as I picked up the carrier and brought it over to her.

''She's beautiful'' Anna stated as she looked down at our creation.

''Get's it from her mother'' I said as I looked down at Anna and kissed her softly on the forehead. She blushed and took the seat form my grasp.

''Lets go'' I said. We were going over to see Harry and Louis for lunch, the first time Carly had been out.


Anna's Pov: 

I moved angrily towards the front door and opened it with the key quickly. Niall followed behind me while carrying Carly in her chair - she was fast asleep. 

As I entered the house I slammed my bag and the keys down on the table.

''Put Carly to bed, now'' I commanded Niall, who complied and walked straight into Carly's bedroom and began to tuck her in. He knew what he had done, he knew how upset he had made me. A few minutes later Niall came out the room, his eyes scanned over the open space of the house looking for me, however I was in the bedroom waiting for him.


''In here, Niall'' I said bluntly.

He walked into the room and closed the door quietly behind him, taking into consideration that he had just put Carly to bed. His eyes grew big when he saw me standing in front of him on the other side of the room. 

''How dare you do that to me Niall'' I spat.

''Anna, it slipped out, I-'' He started, but I wasn't going to let him finish.

''How could you tell every one such a private thing about me? About us?'' I started, tears began to form in my eyes, I rarely ever cry, but when I do it kills Niall.

''Don't cry, Anna, Im so sorry'' He began to grovel.

''You told Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Danielle and Josh basically every thing to do with our sex life while I was out of the room changing our daughter!'' I half shouted, remembering that Carly was sleeping. A tear rolled down my heated cheek.

''I know, Im sorry, Im so sorry Anna'' He started. Id never seen him this worked up about something before, I could tell he was sorry, I just wasnt ready to forgive him.

''What ever Niall. Just leave me alone.''




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