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Angel Imbody was the shyest girl in school. She only talked to her best friends Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and zayn malik . But outside of school she's a dancer. She may be shy in school but on stage her she speaks her mind. but what happens when she starts to fall in love with the one person that doesn't like her


5. the love bite

i woke up the next morning every one was e every where zayn and i on the couch liam and Danielle  on the floor  niall and Ashley in the recliner Louis and Elanor on the window sill harry and perrie on the other couch Leah-Anne and will near the door jesy and Sam near the kitchen jade and Eric next to the coffee table with cups and bottle every where. " damn we must have been really drunk last night." i aid to my self and sat up my head was pounding i went in to the bathroom to get some Advil and some water then i noticed a love bite on my neck " what the hell how did that get there." i knew zayn hadn't given me it he only sucks but never bits there were teeth marks on the purple skin " oh whatever zayn was probably drunk and gave that to me." i aid waking into the lounge room zayn had woken up " hey babe i said " hi he said " you OK?" i asked " yeah just a hang over." he said i giggled " yeah i have one too." i said sitting on his lap. he wrapped his arms around me. i kissed him sweetly. he suddenly his eyes focused on a spot on my neck " whats wrong?" i asked as he moved my hair. " where did you get that?" he asked " i don't know i thought it was from you." i said " no you know i wouldn't give you a love bite like that but i know who would." he said walking over to harry " wake up." he said shoving him with his foot " what?" harry in his morning voice " we need to talk." all of us boys NOW!" he said "OK." harry said getting up as zayn woke up all of the other boys." in the kitchen NOW. we all need to talk." he said as he grabbed my arm pulling me in the kitchen. we all sat at the table "OK so what's so important that you had to wake us up to talk about?" Louis asked all sassy  " OK when i woke up i noticed a little mark on my girlfriend that i didn't  give her. babe." he said i moved my hair showing them the love bite. " ow! that looks painful." Will said " it is. trust me." i said "any way i know for a fact that i didn't give do that to her. so it had to have been one of you." he said " wasn't me." they all said except Harry. "harry can i talk to you." zayn asked. 

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