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Angel Imbody was the shyest girl in school. She only talked to her best friends Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and zayn malik . But outside of school she's a dancer. She may be shy in school but on stage her she speaks her mind. but what happens when she starts to fall in love with the one person that doesn't like her


2. My typical school day

Angel's p.o.v

So as you know I'm a shy girl and I rarely talk to anybody except my best friends and boyfreind


author's note)

hey guys I forgot to mention in the description that harry is not famous and he bullies angel - Kearsten -


( next morning )

i groaned at the sound of my alarm clock playing stereo soldier by my bests friends little mix. I got up and stretched out my body I walked in to the bathroom to Brush my hair well I didn't need to brush it I pulled the elastics out of it to take out the braids  to reveal tight waves just what I wanted I smiled and walked to my closet and pulled out my pink sequined crop top and a pair of black skinny jeans. I adjusted my infinity necklace and put my sapphire flower ring on. just before I went down stairs for breakfast I put my favorite topaz butterfly hairclip that my grandmother had gotten me for my 5th birthday and walked downstairs I grabbed my backpack and a banana and went to my car. I got to school praying harry wont be there. apparently luck isn't in my favor today as always there stood harry waiting to make my life hell like every other day. I sighed and got out of the car I pulled out my phone to text my boyfriend Zayn to meet me at my car. Zayn was quarter back of the football team so every girl in school wanted him but for some reason he picked me. I wasn't the prettiest girl in school or the most sluttiest or most athletic. although I do dance, I'm In gymnastics too. that's my outside of school activities in side of school I'm the head cheerleader,and I'm on the softball team but I'm the most popular girl in the school but I'm not a stuck up snob like all the popular girls in the movies. when he finally pulled up. " hi baby." I said as he walked up " hello my gorgeous dancer." he said kissing me lightly. I loved walking in to school with zayn because that's the only time harry wont pick on me. zayn grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers I smiled at his sweetness. as we walked past harry he called out to me " hey slut!" I just let it roll off my back until he said that I was a spoiled little rich girl. that's when Zayn stepped in " c'mon mate leaver her alone today." he to harry. " Thanks baby." I said " Your welcome boo." he said smiling at me. after that I headed to my locker to get my books for math, English, and chemistry. I got to my locker quickly entering my combo and opening it up grabbing my books and closing it quickly trying to get to class before harry could get here as I turned around my head slammed into something hard causing me to fall backwards " ow." I said" oh I'm sorry did I hit the perfect little brat that is Angle Imbody?" a deep husky voice came from above me. I looked up to see none other that harry styles. " What do you want harry I need to get to class" I asked he picked me up and slammed me against my locker. " don't give attitude you little slut." he said slapping me in the face that's when I did he one thing I could think of. " ZAYN!" I screamed knowing he was in hearing distance. I took a deep breath to scream again but Harry's and clamped down on my mouth. " looks like your little boyfriend cant save you this time." harry said with an evil smirk. " Leave her alone." zayn's voice growled behind harry. he turned his head to see a pissed zayn malik. " why don't you make me malik." harry said dropping me to the floor.


After school was out and zayn and I were safely at my house  I looked in the mirror to see I had a black eye and split lip. " great. how am I going to explain this?" I said as Zayn came up behind me. " boo if you want you can say at my place till your eye heals so you can avoid questions." he said kissing my cheek " thanks baby. " I said kissing his cheek back. " your welcome darling." he said. I ran to my room grabbed a few sets of cloths putting them in my bag with my hair brush, toothbrush, and all my necessities then running back downstairs to where Zayn was waiting. I wrote a quick note to my parent telling them I was at Zayn's then went out to where Zayn was waiting. I put my bag in the carrying compartment then walked over to him " You ready?" he asked " yeah lets go" I said putting my helmet on as did he. we climbed on to his motorcycle and drove off I clung tightly to zayn afraid to fall off. " scared boo?" he asked " yes I don't want to fall off. " I said back. he chuckled at my response. 

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