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Angel Imbody was the shyest girl in school. She only talked to her best friends Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and zayn malik . But outside of school she's a dancer. She may be shy in school but on stage her she speaks her mind. but what happens when she starts to fall in love with the one person that doesn't like her


4. movie night


after dance i got to zayn's took a shower, blow dried my hair, got dressed into a pair of  black ripped skinny jeans, a purple crop top that said cheer leading queen and my black pumps. i did my makeup instead of my usual black mascara i put on purple mascara. with purple eye shadow and purple lip gloss. and black eye liner. i put on my purple and black Boston Red Sox hat. i went down stairs to where zayn,  jade, and Eric sat. " whoa someone all matched today." jade said " yeah i felt like matching today." i shrugged. " i sat down on zayn's lap " you do realize there is a seat right next to me so you don't have to sit on me." zayn said " i know but your more comfortable to sit on."  i said that's when there was a knock on the door " i got it i said i opened the door it was jesy, Sam, niall, and Ashley. "hey come on in."  i said turning to let them in they all walked in then Louis and Eleanor showed up along with liam and Danielle. a few minutes later  Leah-Anne came with Will. it was then 5 minutes to 8 and perrie and harry still weren't there. " let's just start the movie.  they obviously  aren't coming.. i said annoyed. " they said they would be here an hour ago." zayn said " i love perrie like a sister but i'm gonna kill her." i aid when there was a knock on the door zayn went to answer it. he then came in followed by harry and perrie. " your late." i said to perrie quietly." sorry harry was being stubborn." 

after the movie we all sat around drinking and talking we laughed at stories of our past. we laughed our butts of we were also all drunk.we laughed and talked till we fell asleep.

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