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Angel Imbody was the shyest girl in school. She only talked to her best friends Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and zayn malik . But outside of school she's a dancer. She may be shy in school but on stage her she speaks her mind. but what happens when she starts to fall in love with the one person that doesn't like her


3. dance practice

 we got to zayn's house i dropped my stuff and plopped on the couch " hey babe i'm sorry about harry today." zayn said " why are you even friends with harry?" i asked " babe we've been best friends since preschool." zayn said " i know. we all used to be friends you, me, perrie, Leah-Anne, jade, jesy, Liam, Louis, Niall, and harry." i said. " i know we were." he said  

- Later that night - 

" hey babe can you text every one and ask if they want to have a movie and drink night?" zayn asked " yeah" i set up a group message

peanut - " hey guys want to come over Zayn's for a drink and movie night?" 

Lee-yum- " Danielle and i will be there." 

Tommo- " me and el with be there also." 

jade- " me and Eric will be there" 

monkey face Jesy - " me and Sam are totally there." 

nialler- " Ashley and i are coming." 

L.A - " will and i are coming." 

perrbear- " harry and i will be there too." 

peanut  - " great see you here at 8:00" 

" they are all coming at 8:00" i said to zayn " OK thanks boo." he said " i need to run to the liquor store real quick wanna come?" he asked "nah i have to go to dance any way ." i said and laughed  a little " OK." he said can you drop me off" i asked " yeah now go hurry and get dressed." he said. I rushed to get dressed. I got into my leotard and pulled my hair into a pony tail." OK let's go." i said we hoped onto zayn's bike and drove off. i got to dance and walked in " hi Ms.skydancer ." i said " ah angel my star dancer." she smiled. " OK today you will be joined by your new dance partner " she said. " really who?" i asked " why don't you turn around and see for your self slut." harry's  raspy voice whispered in my ear " oh  no. No no no no no!" i said " 'ello love." he said kissing my cheek " hi Harry. i didn't know you danced." i said " yeah i'm being forced to my mum says that i need to be active so here i am." he said " OK you guys will be doing a duet. Angel you will be a beautiful well your name. harry you will be the demon she falls madly in love with. at the end of the dance angel please don't be mad." she said " why would i be mad?" i asked. " because at the end of the routine you guys have to kiss." she said " WHAT!" we both yelled " no no no! Ms. Skydancer  my boyfriend wont be happy with me kissing his best friend." i said " And my girlfriend wont be happy with me kissing her best friend either." harry said " oh well they both will have to deal with it. the song you are dancing to is call between heaven and hell. its very slow and whimsical. so there will be a lot of lifts and spins and harry will have to have your hands on Angel a lot." she said " OK. " he said smirking alright let's get started. Angel you will be hooked to wires and be lowered on to the stage harry you will pop up from a trap door. so let's get started." she said hooking me up to the wires and harry went under the stage. the song started and harry popped up from under the stage and i gracefully floated down to my feet. " OK so harry come up behind Angel a tap her shoulder." she said he did just that " now Angel jump and look at harry and jump back scared." Ms. Skydancer said i did that " harry go up to Angel and spin her around then pick her up and lift her over your head and spin in a circle slowly then place her on the floor gently  ." " with pleasure." harry smirked " you better not drop me." i said " i  don't promise any thing." he stated lifting me up over his head and then spun slowly i held the position i was in my head held back, one leg bent the other straight, my arms out, and as stiff as a board so he could lift me. he then gently placed me on the floor where i did the spin arabesque Ms. Skydancer  told me to do. as harry grabbed my waist and lifted me up and spun quickly in a circle about 10 time then placing me down again. i did a peroette and then did a leap harry caught me and lifted me up and gracefully placed me to the floor  harry did three turns as i leaped and spun into his arms what neither of us noticed is that both zayn and perrie sat watching us dance. as we finished the dance it was time for the kiss that's when i saw zayn and perrie. " um Ms.skydancer my boyfriend and his girlfriend are here so i don't think kissing is a good idea."  i said " oh well would you like to explain the dance or shall I?" she asked " You." we both said. " OK bring them over here." she said harry whistled and motioned for them to come they obeyed and came " zayn. perrie this is our dance teacher Ms.skydancer. Ms.skydancer this is my best friend-" " and my boyfriend." i cut in " zayn" harry said  "  and this is my best friend and his girlfriend perrie."  i said she smiled and shook their hands " nice to meet you both I've heard a lot about you two." she said " nice to meet you also. so harry when were you going to tell me you were going to be dancing with my best friend?" perrie asked um when i aw you we just found out today." he said back  " oh and BTW please don't be mad but we have to kiss." harry said. " WHAT?!?!" they both yelled " relax it's part of our routine no more than that." i aid " i play an angel. he plays the demon i fall in love with so yeah it's only apart of the dance.  i promise." i said explaining " Oh OK now i feel stupid." perrie said  " so your OK with the kiss?" Ms.skydancer asked. " yeah don't enjoy it miss imbody." zayn joked " trust me i won't." " same goes for you harry." perrie said " no promises." he said over his shoulder " OK let's take it from the last lift shall we?" ms.skydancer said. as she fast forwarded the song i did my peroette and my leap then spun til harry caught me and lifted me high over his head then gently placed me down again. that's when we kissed. it wasn't sparks it was fireworks bombs and firecrackers exploding all around us. i puled away shaking my head to stop the feelings. " no i have a boyfriend." i thought.

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