The Day I Met One Direction...

(Y/N)Gets Through to the X-Factor Finale....although she doesn't win there is an even better prize that send her in the right direction :)


2. The Next Morning

I woke up with a start, I checked my phone, 7:33. I was late for work. On a normal day I would think be panicking and in a rush to get on time. But today was not a normal day. As Soon as I walked out the house I Was pestered by reported/paparazzi asking me things like 'how are you coping with coming second?' And 'how has the X factor changed your life?' But then there came this question, 'what's going on between you and the 1D Boys?' I just shrugged, as I had no Idea what they were talking about.

I then realised I really needed to get to work. I put in my headphones, and hopped on my bike. Speeding away from the pesky paps. I parked my bike and headed inside only to see another girl at my desk. "Excuse me but-" I cried only to be interrupted by my boss "Do you know what's going on here?"he bellowed. "No, no what is going on here?" I replied. He shook his head and hung it in disbelief. "What's going on here is, your late and so your fired!" The room went silent as tears filled my eyes "no sir. Please just give another chance!" I begged, grovelling on my knees. He said nothing, and just pointed towards the door. A smug look on the girl who sat in my old desk. I looked at her name tag 'Georgia',Goody two shoes Georgia.

I sat on the steps outside and tweeted 'it all goes wrong :(' 2 minutes later I received at tweet back saying 'what's wrong babe?HS xxx'i decided to ignore it. I didn't need the world know I'd been fired. But my phone began to buzz and it appeared  I had and Incoming call From Niall. I answered and I Niall began "hey (Y/N), what's up? We're all dead worried." So I replied saying "oh nothing don't worry" but apparently that wasn't enough for them and they needed answers. Then another voice began,Louis's. "oh come on what's really wrong? Pweese tell us, Pretty please with sprinkles on top?" And so I told them."Awr that's nothing your really talented anyone would want to sign you!You know what we'll come and pick you up!"Louis chirped down the end of the phone. "But you don't know where I-" Too late he had already hung up. I received a text from Zayn saying 'we're 2 mins away be ready xxx'

And they actually found me. Except Zayn was wrong they arrived 3 minutes late. Lateness seems to be a theme today. We drove around for a bit and talked about each others x factor experiences. Then Liam began on Syco, Simon Cowels Record Label. Saying how Simon had talked about me, wondering if I would like to be signed. I screamed at the thought. Me working along side talent that has been shown to the world and loved by generations. Me, (Y/N).

"And then we can watch a movie" Harry said. I had not been listening, since I was  to busy daydreaming." (Y/N)?" Oops, I'd better say something "oh yes, yes brilliant idea" I mumbled, unsure of what I was agreeing to. "So that's settled, Im going back to the hotel. Louis and Niall your going out for some tea, Zayn your have a hair appointment at 2 and Harry Paranormal activity 5 is on at the cinema in 1 hour." Liam told everyone. Making it obvious why everyone called him papa direction. Then Harry looked at me and asked "please (Y/N) come with me, it'll be fun-I won't do anything too naughty" but Louis argued saying "No come with us. We're going to Nandos, just ask Niall about how amazing the food is" Niall licked his lips and began to drool. We all laughed. "Nah, Nah, Nah come with me. I mean everyone wants to see the Bradford bad boy get his hair done" Zayn chuckled with a grin on his face. Then Liam butted in "I mean it would be my pleasure for you to spend time with me, but you can only pick only pick one of us."

Then all in sync then Said; 




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