The Day I Met One Direction...

(Y/N)Gets Through to the X-Factor Finale....although she doesn't win there is an even better prize that send her in the right direction :)


4. Harry-Cinema

"I Choose...Harry!"I shouted to An excited Harry who screamed in my face. "YES!YES (Y/N) Gimme five Baby!Well we'd better be of then!" Belted Harry, who then grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the car. "Alright,Alright, easy tiger!"

As we arrived at the cinema, we noticed the paps had got here before us. Harry put one arm round me and then other blocking our faces. We got our tickets then went to get popcorn and of course tacos. We sat down and As Harry began to eat, I stared into his eyes and realised why so many girls melted over the thought of his girls. He noticed I was looking at me and a grin grew on his face. I looked at his cheek as two holes appeared. Dimples. 

The adverts started and as the trailer for 1D3D came on, most of there girls there screamed. Harry's dimples returned as he put a finger over my lips and went "shhh..." I giggled and began eating my popcorn again. I looked all around me, wondering how I got here. Yesterday I was just a runner up, and now I'm in the company of Harry Styles. Probably the fittest boy. Ever.

Then the film began. Lots of things jumped out and I clung on to Harry's arm. Dimples again. Finally the film was over and when we walked out the paps had disappeared. Or so we thought. Snap, snap snap. "What was that?" I asked Harry who looked frantacly all around "oh that nothing babe don't worry" concern lingered in his voice. His hand grabbed mine as we ran to the car. "Where are we going?"I questioned him. I got no reply. 

After a 10 minute journey we arrived. At my house. "How did you know I live-" I was cut of as Harry's lips reached mine. "No more questions babe" 

as soon as I walked into my house my phone buzzed. Harry had already text me:

'Tonight was amazing, especially the end. Lyl Hazza xoxoxoxox'

I lay down on my bed, closed my eyes and drifted into dreams of Harry.

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