Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


34. Thoughts And New "Relationships"

Delicious Benefits






Chapter 33






Thoughts And New "Relationships"






*Niall's POV* 


The blades of the moving fan ran in circles in front of me as my body laid still on my temporary bed. My blue eyes followed the continuous movements of the ceiling fan, letting me get caught in the past. Memories and flashbacks of yesterday hit me hard like a brick. 


Everything to me was a big blur as of how drunk I was but, one thing wasn't. One thing that I knew happened and sober while doing so. I remember so clearly every detail in those very few minutes. Her dipped dyed purple and brown hair hanging loose by her side and her sparkling brown eyes connecting with mine. I could remember my palms starting to sweat and the feeling of my heart rate increasing. The big smile of my face turned into a frown that very second I laid eyes on her, remembering what she did to me before. I wanted so hard to forget her, to forget everything about her, to just think of her as another one night stand but, I couldn't. When my ears picked up the sound of her soothing voice calling my name, I panicked. 


Before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed the closet, drunkest, woman there and kissed her. Even in the loud music and screams I could hear her pausing herself before calling out my fullname and walking away. I remember the disgusting taste of beer that lingered on the random chicks lips, it didn't feel the same as it did with her. But either way I didn't stop and go after her, I just continued to have my lips planted on someone else's, feeling guilty. The smooth yet warm tears running slowly down my cheeks as I continued to kiss another woman, my heart sinking slowly to my stomach. It didn't feel right.


Pulling away and catching my breath was when I took a good look at the drunk girl that I was kissing. She had bright red hair that was cut just below her multiply pierced ears, the gray eyes that stared up at me with red surrounding them and that low cut black dress that hugged every single piece of skin until her top thigh. This girl was nothing like her, she never would be.


"Want to go back to my place?" the girl finally spoke to me in slurs, showing how drunk she was


I knew it was wrong, I should have gone after her and not kissed this person standing in front of me. I shouldn't have let her go. But I did and their was nothing I could do now, she was probably long gone, never wanting to speak to me again.


"Sure love." I whipsered into her ear, grabbing her hand roughly and pulling her out of the club as she lead me to her place


It wasn't great, she fell asleep just as we were both close to our peak points. Even if she did make it to the end it still wouldn't have changed anything. I spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling thinking about her. I couldn't bring myself to say her name, it would just break me down even more.


I finally did leave, around 3-4am. I felt just like her when doing so, remembering how she left me in the morning and not looking back, thinking we would never see each other again.


But we did.


But this time I was the one who made the mistake.







*Zayn's POV*


I paced back an forth in Linnea's flat on how I could explain her the chain of events of last night. In the car I wanted to tell her but I ended up taking another turn and going for sexual ways. I don't know I feel like this, nervous. Something in me keeps telling me she would be heartbroken and maybe me as well but, I don't know why. We were just two people who ended their relationships with someone else and looking for something to fill in the loneliness, filling it up with delicious benefits.


'We can't do this anymore.


Linnea, I think what we have right now needs to end.


I mi-'


"Damn it!" I sigh in frustration 


All of the things I said in my head sounded stupid to say out loud in person. I wanted to tell her I had kissed her best friend and might be developing feelings for her but, what would happen? 


So many questions filled my head of all the possiblites that might happen after.


What if she told JoJo?


What if JoJo wants us to hang out with Linnea when she's with her?


What if I ever do become a "thing" with JoJo?


Do I actually fancy her?


That last question ran through my head over and over again. What if  I didn't really fancy JoJo and it was just me being drunk that caused me to have these weird feelings for her when our lips attached? What if this is all in my head? What if she is just a reason for me to get over my previous girlfriend....?


My brown eyes landed on the clock that stated '4:55pm'. She has been gone for almost 20 minutes. A little thought in the back of my mind told me to go and look for her but, another told me that this was my chance to think, a chance to get my words together.  I continued to pace back and forth on the soft carpet hitting my feet racking my brain around for words. 


Despite me thinking of ways to explain myself to her, one thing stayed put and floating in my head.


Do I actually fancy her?






*Linnea's POV*


"L-Louis?" I blink my eyes to make sure I was seeing clearly


In front of me was a grown man balling his eyes out, tears streaming down his face as he sat down on the stairwell. 


No response came out of him as he continued to cry. 


"Louis? What happened?" I ask, taking a few steps closer to him


When he still didn't answer I slowly took a seat next to him and started to rub his back gentely. My bum got slightly cold from the cement stairs but I choose to ignore it and focus on the crying and fragile looking man in front of me. "Louis?" I say one more time 


"S-she's g-gg-oo-ne" I hear him choke on his tears


"Who's gone?" 


"E-E-E-leanor." he whispered slightly before bawling into more tears


"Who i-" oh shit, that was his girlfriend wasn't it?


"What happened Louis?" I asked not wanting to pry


"I-I told her w-w-hat ha-p-p-p-end -between u-u-sss." he stuttered, whipping the tears with his sleeves


I felt my hand slowly start moving around in circles on his back as my body froze, realising what he was talking about.


"Louis, did she-" I say barely above a whsisper


I watch as his light brown hair bobbed up in down in response.


"Louis I-I'm so sorry." I say trying to be polite


I knew it wasn't all his fault that we did, I know that. It was partly mine too because of me kissing him the first place. Why was I the one who always screwed everything up?


"Don't be it was all my fault. She deserves someone better." he says more normally


"No it wasn't Louis! I was the one that kissed you in the first place! I shouldn't have done that or else none of this wouldn't have happened!" I say trying to knock some sense into him


"It would have happened anyway." he spoke


"What?" I rub my ears, making sure I heard correctly


"I said, the kiss would have happened anyway." he spoke louder, turning his head to face me for the first time


I looked up at his green and blue eyes to see that they were connected with my blue ones. They weren't sparkling this time, they were bloodshot red from crying. You could see the red from how close I was from his face, inches away.


"What do you mean?" I say above a whisper


I hear him chuckle deeply for the first time since his sobbing scene before he replied back to me. 


"I mean, I would have done this." were the last words that left his mouth before I felt something touch my lips


I was kissing Louis Tomlinson, yet again.

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