Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


7. Stall ;)

A/N- THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THIS GET THE FUCK OUT CAUSE THIS FAN FICTION ISN'T FOR YOU! I REPEAT: THIS FAN FICTION IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU CAN'T TAKE SEX SO GET THE FUCK OUT. Damn I curse too much! Well hope you guys like the chapter!!!! Thanks for reading! I've never really thought any of my fanfic were good but I'm thinking that is one is pretty awesome...... I'll probably update tomorrow ;) READ MY OTHER FAN FICS- Different. 10 Years Later Remember? I'm talking (writing or whatever) too much, bye!!! ~Niall's Leprechaun Xx PS: WHEN EVER A CHAPTER TITLE HAS A WINKY FACE ;) NEXT TO THE WORDS THAT MEANS THERE IS SOMETHING DIRTY AS FUCK IN IT IT!!!!!!! Ok, bye now.





 • Chapter 6- Stalls ;)



*Linnea's POV*


Walking into 5th period English was really awkward. I watched as Mrs.Griffins graded our work on her desk and I couldn't help but laugh. If only she knew what I did on that thing..... My thoughts were interrupted by my teacher.


"Ok tonight's homework will be about the Industrial Re-what the heck?" She slowly lifts her figure that was covered in a white substance.


Oh shit.


"What's this?" she asks to the class I look around to see that everyone else was as confused as her.


 "Oh god! It's all over my desk!" she stated I felt myself blushing like crazy.


 If she saw me blushing...oh god I would be in big trouble. "Umm Mrs.Griffins?" I ask covering my face


"Yes Linnea?" she says while examining that substance


"Ca-can I go to the bathroom?" I say stuttering



"Sure and while your at it can you get me some paper towels to clean this mess up?" she asks "Sure." I say before running off to the bathroom




Once I got inside the girls bathroom I lock myself in one of the stalls, sitting on the toilet seat. I could feel my cheeks turning beat red. I can't believe that happened. My thoughts travel to the events of yesterday. How could I even have sex with a random stranger? More importantly, how could I have sex with Zayn Malik the bad boy?


 I guess the answer was simple, we were both depressed about our break ups and needed something and that something was sex. The only thing was....I wasn't depressed when I fucked him. My thoughts were interrupted for the second time today from a knock coming from the other side of the stall. "Linnea?" ask the voice


 The voice sounded so familiar.... I open the door to see a boy in biker boots, skinny jeans, and a plain black shirt. Zayn.


"What are you doing here?!" I ask practically yelling


 "Shhh!" he says covering my mouth with my hand


 He quickly scotches in the small stall before locking the door. We stay in silence not knowing what to say. "Zayn...." I say interrupting the silence


He looks up connecting his brown eyes with my blue ones. His eyes were filled with something. They weren't full of anger, sadness, or happiness. No, the looked like they were filled with lust.


That's when he walked out of the stall. I stay there confused until I hear the sound of the door at the leads to the bathroom lock. That's when a grinning Zayn comes back. I look at him confused but, he ignores my strange look and lift me up taking me out of the stall. Where was he taking me? "Zayn what are you doing?"


He replies with a slight chuckle as he places me down to where I was sitting on the sink. "Ready to have some fun?" he asks grinning from ear to ear


 Before I can answer he smashes his chapped lips onto mine. Immediately, I kiss back not knowing what he was planning. I wrap my arms around his neck as he pushed my against the wall while I was sitting on the cool sink. Slowly, he pulled away from my lips and started to unzip my pink shorts. That's when I finally caught on. As he pulled my shorts to the ground he kept on looking at me with a seductive grin. When my shorts were fully of, he ripped off my red knickers leaving me from the waist down completely bare.


"Here we go." he whispered into my ear as he lifted up his right hand I watched as he put his index finger inside me and slowly pulled in and out


 My body tensed at his touch but soon relax as I started to moan. "F-fast-faster." I manage to moan I fluttered my eyes closed as he started to move in and out of me at a faster pace


 He soon came to a stop and inserted two fingers into me. I let out a louder moan, my body loving the feeling. "Zayn.... I'm coming!" I moan as I felt myself explode ( XD)


My eyes flutter back open to see a smiling boy licking his fingers. "You taste good." he winked as I got down from the sink I quickly but back on my knickers and my pink shorts before asking the question that changed everything


"Zayn?" I ask


"Mhmm." he asks while staring at me change


"What are we?" I ask I wait a few minutes before he finally answered


 "I think I have a pretty good idea." I wait for him to continue. "How about we be sex buddies?" he asks with a smile


 "What?" I ask


 "You know...people who have sex but just for the pleasure. They don't actually like the person."


 I think about this for a few seconds until I finally reply. "Sex buddies." I say sticking out my hand I watch as his tough strong hand grabs mine and shakes it firmly. I pull away knowing that I had to get back to class.


"Bye Zayn." I say before leaving the bathroom with paper towels in my hands

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