Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


24. Sad Flashbacks


So I decided to do a flashback on Linnea's life story. This is gonna be a sad one though :'-(

Well my story went i don't know where the fuck it is........

BUT I'm hoping that will change with this update....



I'm sorry if this chapter makes you need tissues!!!! I really feel like this is the sadest chapter I've ever written.

~Niall's Leprechaun





"To be, or not to be: that is the question: 





Delicious Benefits




Chapter 22




~Sad Flashbacks~




*5 Years Ago*




*Linnea's POV*

I look around at the people around me. Tears were filled up in their eyes and made sniffling noises. All I could do was stare. My mind still couldn't wrap around the fact that my mother, my own mother, was dead.

She was never coming back.

The past few nights I'd been having memories about me and my mom. I would always be happy in all of them no matter what but, I would then wake up with my body shaking and sweating. Tears would be at the brim of my eyes.

The memories soon turned into nightmares. I began to have dreams about my mother being killed right in front of me. I would watch her lifeless body lying on the floor as I sat on the cold hard ground doing nothing to help. My nightmares would end me waking up screaming and ripping up the pillows around me.

It was my fault.

It was my fault she died.

It might sound stupid but if I went to the store instead of her, then I would have been the one dead.

And I wouldn't have a problem with it.

I shook the thought out of my mind and looked down at my short black dress and heels. A smile formed on my lips as I remembered how my mom bought me those heels.

She really was an amazing mom.


The word was floated in my mind. How could she be gone? She had a full life ahead of her but it was all ruined by him.

The man who killed my beloved mom.

Anger boilded inside me as I knew they never caught the man who did shot her. The police say he wasn't targeting her. He was targeting the shop. The shop that he robbed.

The shop that my mom walked into, not knowing that would be the place she would take her last breath.

Now here her lifeless body was in a casket about to be buried feet into the ground.

But, before that would happen, I took a seat next to the podium and listened to the priest as he spoke.

"Today we have gathered around for the trajic passing of Becky Rose. Becky Rose was an amazing mother, wife, sister and friend. She was funny, polite, and incredibly nice to any one she met. Her parent, Graham and Alice Kenny raised a bundle of joy. If Becky Rose was here today she would want you to remember all the good memories of her life and not the bad ones. This woman lived her life her fullest before her passing and wants to be remembered for her doing so. So we therefore commit her body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life." he says looking into the audiences eyes

"Now lets take a moment to hear the words of Linnea Rose, the daughter of Becky Rose." he says looking into my eyes

My legs started to shake as I walked to the podium. Who would have ever thought I would be giving a speech at my mother funeral at the age of 14.

"Hello everyone, the name's Linnea Rose." I manage to choke out, fighting back the tears

I was at my mothers funeral at a period of time where I needed her the most.

"My mother was a woman who could make anyone like her. She even made complete strangers be fond of her. Becky was an amazing wife, sister and friend to you all. She was the best mom I could ask for. All the memories we had together will always be in my heart. All the tears, anger, and happiness are still in them. It feels as if just yesterday I saw my mom's face and listening to her giving me a lecture on how I never cleaned my room." I say taking a deep breath

Chuckles left the audience of my family members and friends who attended her funeral. Even my father who haden't talked for days, managed to crack a smile.

"When I look back at my mother's life, I think she lived her life to its fullest potential. Some people fear that they will not leave a mark when they leave this earth. This was not my mom's concern. She wanted to leave a mark on the ones that she loved. She knew she would leave one whe she left and I know she's right. She would have wanted you to know her as woman who was bold, fearless, care free, lovable and mature. She would have wanted us to remember everything good about her, and not the fact that she died, but the fact that she lived. My mom wouldn't have wanted us to mourn about how she left this world at a young age. She would have wanted us to remember the times when she was happy. She would have wanted us to remember the Becky who cared about others more than herself. She would have wanted us to remember happy and amazing Becky. My mother lived and amazing life, and she will never regret it. My last words from my mother were I love you. These words will always be with me. Thank you for being my mother, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for being everything I want to be when I get older. You will always be with me mom. I love you." I say letting the tears fall to my face as I look back to see my moms casket in front of me

My mother in a few hours was going to be buried many feet into the ground, never to be seen again.

That's when reality hit me hard.

My mother was dead.

The woman who did nothing wrong to deserve this.

The amazing mom who left behind a daughter, a husband and her big group of friends.

She was gone.


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