Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


14. Payback;)

Damn I sound like one of those people that say why the movie is rated whatever........shit I forget what they are called....
Oh well.....
Hope you like the chapter!!!!
~Niall's Leprechaun 

"Some people won't be happy until they've pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away." 
― Donna Schoenrock

Chapter 11
~Payback ;)~
*Linnea's POV*
I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off.
"Shut Up." I moan moving my hand around to hit the snooze button
When my arm wasn't close enough to clock I slowly open my eyes to look at my plain white ceiling. It's been one week since I left the hospital and know I had to go back to school.
"School." floated through my mind
My eyes flicker open to my clock.
"Fuck!" I say stummbling out of bed knowing I was late
God I hate mornings.
Without wasting much time, I slip on my favorite pair of galaxy leggings and my Pink Floyd shirt with slits at  back and put on my neon blue Uggs. I quickly admire myself in the mirror before dashing into the kitchen grabbing an apple and heading out the door.
When I walked into my school I noticed that the hallways were empty.
Fuck I really was late.
I look at my phone to see that the time was 9:15 which meant I had gym now, my least favorite class.
I make my way down the hall with my purple gym bag following me. God I hate gym, I never understood the point of changing for that class if all we ever do is walk around the gym in silence. Our gym teacher was so strict, that if she heard a peep come from one of our mouths she would makes us do 50 push ups and have lunch detention.  If we were late she would make us do the mile instead and give us regular after class detention, which was what I was gonna get.
As I pass by the janitor closet I felt a cool object grab my arm and pulled me back. 
What the fuck?
I get pulled into the closet with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling, mops and cleaning supplies in every corner.
Who the hell pulled my into a janitors closet?
I squint my blue eyes to adjust to the bright light. My eyes widen when I see that it was no other than Zayn.
"Hey." He whispers into my ear
I feel his cold hands grab my waist gently, bringing goosebumps all over my body. 
"Z-Zayn what are you doing?" I ask
"I've missed you." he smiles into my ear ignoring my question
That's when he starts to tug on my leggings. 
I knew exactly what he wanted now.
I try pushing him away but it was no use this boy was incredibly strong compared to my weak strength.
"Zayn I can't do this now, I'm still hurt." I say pulling back looking into his eyes
I watch as he sighed releasing me from his grip. But, that's when I got an idea.
I mean what's the point of going to gym when there's only 20 minutes left?
"But...I do have a better idea." I smirk
"Oh really?" he musters  
I slowly walk over to him with a seductive looking smile. I knew my eyes were filled with lust. My couldn't enjoy any pleasure but that didn't mean that he couldn't.
See where I'm going with this ;)
I gently push Zayn down to a plastic chair that just happened to be in the janitors closet, and straddled my hips against his body. My mouth slowly made its way down down his neck leaving slobbery kisses. 
Soft grunts left his mouth as I did so.
My hands gripped around the edge of his jeans slowly unbuckling his leather belt as I continued to straddle him. 
The sound of his zipper being unzipped filled my ears as my hands pulled it down. I quickly unbuttoned his jeans before getting up and pulling them off. After I threw them to the ground I made the decision not to get back on his lap. 
Lets just say, I had a better idea.
I kneeled down between his legs and tugged on his black boxers.
"Linnea what are you-" he asked before I put my finger against his lips
I gave him a seductive wink before I gripped the elastic of his boxers and pulling them down, leaving him completely naked from the waist down.
Now for the real magic to begin.
My small hands wrapped around his (you know what) and slowly started to pump, in and out.
I could sense his hands gripping against the arm rest of the chair as I pumped faster. That's when I brought my mouth to it and licked it before opening my mouth to use it.
"Linnea." he moaned telling me he was close
My mouth then felt a warm liquid squirt into my mouth. It's taste was salty yet sweet, it tasted good actually.
I quickly swallow it as I heard Zayn moan. 
I get up smiling at my accomplishment.
"What was that for?" 
"It was payback." I say 
At that moment the sound of the school bell rang, indicating that class was over.
"Looks like I have to go to my next class." I smirk 
I just gave Zayn Malik a blow job right here in a janitors closet.
Could anything weirder happen?

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