Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


36. Missions And Secrets

Delicious Benefits




Chapter 34




Missions and Secrets




*Zayn's POV*

It was over. The deal was off, no more intimacy, no more nothing. Just a normal friendship.

I should be happy though. I can now be with JoJo like I wanted to be moments before. Even the thought of being with JoJo didn't bring my feelings out of the trash. For some reason I felt so different now that the deal was over....disappointed and sad? That's what I felt or at least think I feel. 

My biker boots kicked the gravel underneath me as I walked towards my car in the parking lot. The wind was flapping everywhere so it was a good thing that I wore my leather jacket today.

Once I enter my car, it reads that it's only 4:55pm. I guess I had time to go.....

So without wasting another minute, I turn the key in the ignition and head out towards the direction I needed to go in. The one direction [A/N hehehe ;) ] that lead me to the gang.

Where another illegal mission was waiting for me.

*JoJo's POV*

I pulled my car to park before I step out into the chilly weather. Wrapping my cardigan tightly around me, I walked up the brick stairs with my pink studded Doc Martens. 

He told me he would be home soon but I didn't see his car parked outside his driveway, just his motorcycle. Oh well, I'll just knock anyway.

My knuckles came in contact with the wooden front door as I knocked on it. I moved back and forth on the heels of my feet before I heard the noise of someone coming down the stairs. Well someone is home.

The sound of the front door opening interrupted my thoughts and a wave of warm air hit me. "Hell-" I stop suddenly

"O." I manage to finish my sentence

His blonde hair sat messily pulled down, covering his forehead as his ocean like eyes met mine. The steady breathing in me soon became irregular as I realized who was in front of me.


"What do you want." he said harshly, his eyes filling with anger

"I'm here to see ummm.... Zayn."I squeak slightly

"He's not here. Come back later." he stated quickly before attempting to close the door

"No." I say, I've have enough of his bullshit this isn't even his fucking house

"What do you mean no?" he squints his eyes at me

"Zayn said I could come over so I'm coming in weather you like it or not." I say before pushing him to the side and letting myself in

Hey what can I say? It's cold.

I don't say anything to Niall as I take a seat on the couch, picking at the hems of my cardigan as I tapped my boot against the wooden floor. I'll just wait here till Zayn gets home.

"Do you know where Zayn is?" I ask Niall as he walks into the kitchen in front of me

I know he was with Linnea but it shouldn't take this long just to talk. "No." he said again harshly, slamming the fridge door closed, revealing a can of coke in his hands

"Can I have one?" I ask politely, his attitude is something I'm ignoring. I don't want him making me pissed off right now.

"Get on yourself." he retorts while popping the cap of the can and taking a sip 

"Never mind." I mumble slightly and focus my eyes on my shoes as the suddenly became very interesting

It was a few minutes in awkward before I hear Niall clear his throat and start to speak. "Why are you even here?"

"I need to talk to Zayn." I say simply, not letting my eyes brake contact with my shoes

"About what?" 

"Nothing much....just about us." I whisper so low, hoping he wouldn't hear my words

I hear the sound of metal being pushed together before I felt a set of arms push my back against the bottom part of the couch. Niall's eyes met mine, an deep emotion was stitched into them but I couldn't tell what. "So what? Are you guys dating now?" his nostrils flared as he spoked his words

I could only nod at his words. His grip on my arms tightened as his face started to get slightly red. "Let me guess, you're just going to fuck him and then you'll leave him right?" he snickered, looking into my eyes

"N-no." I stutter

I was truly frightened. Never in a million years did I think I would ever see Niall being so.....violent.

He leaned in, our faces inches away. His blue angered eyes stayed connected with mine. 

"We all know its true. You've down it before." he said a lot less harshly, his eyes lightning up a bit

His eyes moved down to my lips before his tongue swiped across his bottom lip. The grip he held on me loosened as he continued to stare at me, his eyes looking as if he was remembering something.

"Y-you left me." he finally said so softly that it was impossible to hear him

"At that party when I saw you, you were different from other girls. I thought you liked me too but then you just left." he said, his eyes filled his sadness 

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't know." I say sincerely 

"Of course you didn't know! Of course you didn't! You just used me!" he roared 


"I WOULD NEVER USE YOU!" he screamed back, only focusing on one topic and not both

His grip on my tightened as I felt myself start to cry. Never had I ever cried for a boy. He was lying, he's got to be.

"Yes you did." I say, tears already starting to spill out but no sobs came out

His face moved closer to mine until we were just centimeters away from each others lips.

"No I didn't." he said calmly 

His grip on me was released before I felt his body get of mine. Loud footsteps could be heard as he walked away from me.

Leaving me stunned and confused with mixed emotions.

*Zayn's POV*

The run down factory stood lopsided in front of me as I exited the car. Spray paint and unidentified stains covered the abandoned factory as loud voices could be heard from inside. 

Yes, this is where the 'meeting' place of our gang. We previously had the old gas station that was boarded up by wood and nails but it was bulldozed down by the government. It is difficult to find a place to have our regular meetings, so many gangs are already here and have claimed their property.

I used to live here, the poorer part of Bradford until my mum got a Christmas bonus and was able to get the cheapest house in a nicer part. Anything to get out of this side of Bradford. Even though I was in the drug and violence dealing business I still didn't like living smack dab in the center of it all so, we moved.

I knocked twice on the metal door of the factory then waited five seconds before knocking one more time again with both hands, our secret code to let each other know that it wasn't someone that wasn't in our group.

A pair of green eyes meet mine when the slit of the door opened (letting you know who was outside). "DJMalik, Zap." I say, showing my zap tattoo 

DJMalik was my password that I use to identify myself in the gang. The Zap was basically my password that I had to get a tattoo of to prove myself worthy to join the group.

"Accepted." the green eyed man said before closing the slit and unlocking the metal door, letting me inside

The sound of loud screams and pleads for helps filled the long hall that I slowly walked down that entered the main room of the factory. The screams were the followed by a loud crash and the sound of a fist coming in contact with bone, goosebumps forming on my skin. This was how I was gonna get my emotions back on track.

I walked into the main room to see a bloody dark skinned man tied up to a chair. His face covered in blood while his tank top was drenched in blood. 

"P-please he told me to do it! Please don't hurt me!" he stammered, spitting out pure blood from his mouth

"Then tell me who sent you." Trevor said, resting his arm on the mama shoulder

"I can't tell you." the man said quietly

Trevor turned around, a smirk planted on his face as he faced Dean who was sitting perfectly fine on a chair, watching everything. Dean nodded his head in approval before Trevor's used to be resting hand came in contact with the mans face, making his chair fall to the ground with the strong impact.

"Zayn! What a pleasure for you to join us!" Dean smiled, patting the empty seat next to him with hand

His glance completely left the man being tortured in front of us as he looked at me, forgetting the fact that someone was bleeding to death in front of him. I nod slightly and walking over to him.

"What do we have this time?" I ask, nudging my head over at the beaten man

"We found another mole." he said simply 

"They are just too stupid to realize that we already know who's in our group and who's not." he smirked 


"So Zayn, how Niall? Is he save?" Dean asked, turning around in his chair to face me

"Yup. He's at my house right now."

"Good cause I have another job for you to do." he stated

Great, just fucking great, just like I expected.

"What's the mission this time?" I ask, not really interested 

"I need you to go down to Mexico." he said simply

Mexico? What the fuck?

"Mexico?" I say

"Yea but, before that you need to go to the states and pick up the RV that will be waiting for you in Arizona." 

"What's the point of this job?" I ask

"It's a drug smuggling mission, Zayn. I'm going to need you to smuggle drugs across the border and into America." he said as if it wasn't a big deal

America?! I've never been there in my fucking life!

"What's in it for me Dean? Why can't you just choose someone else to do the job or even yourself!" I yell slightly

"I trust you Zayn. But this isn't like ordinary missions Zayn. This one you will be making a lot more dough than your usual." he said smiling

"How much?" I ask suddenly interested, I needed the money defiantly 

"One million euros." 

The spit in my throat made me choke as I stared at him is disbelief ONE MILLION EUROS?!

"One million?" I say still in shock

"That is if you make it out alive." he says seriously 

"What do you mean?" I ask

"Zayn, this mission is a lot difficult than normal ones. You cannot work alone because it would be too obvious if you went alone so we need you to take friends, Niall included if possible. I'm looking to see if you can invite two girls so it looks like you are going on vacation and not smuggling drugs." Dean stated, looking over at the man who got another blow to the face

"So Zayn I need to know now. Are you in or are you out?" he asked quickly

Money, money and money was all that was floating through my mind as I made my final decision. I could just invite JoJo along to make it look like we're a couple. But what about Niall? 

Fuck it, I'll just find a solution for these problems later. 

"I'm in."

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