Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


22. Memories And Starbucks

Delicious Benefits




Chapter 20




~Memories, Starbucks and Rides~ ;)




*JoJo’s POV*

I woke up to see a clock pointing to the words 3:30pm. Woah I slept in.

As I started to look around I quickly realized something.

I wasn’t in my bedroom.

That’s when a loud snore came from the right of me causing me to jump out of bed. What the hell was that?

I crane my neck over the bed to see a the frame of a mans body. He had blonde hair and white skin. His face was deep in the pillow and he was softly snoring. What made things weirder was that he wasn’t wearing a shirt and I think he wasn’t wearing pants or boxers either.

That’s when I felt a cool breeze wrap around my body. I shiver as a response and curl my arms around my chest.

And that’s when I felt my boobs.

My hair fell down my face as I slowly looked down to see my bare body.

That’s when I realized everything I did last night. From drinking to meeting Niall and to being lead to the bedroom at 4 in the morning from making out so much.

Damn it, what am I suppose to do now?

Before I could think of anything I heard the sound of stirring occur in the bed. I turned to see the Irish boy moving around slightly around. I knew I had to get out before he woke up.

My brown eyes quickly looked around for my clothes that I was wearing the night before. As soon as my eyes met them I ran towards them and slipped them on without a peep.

“JoJo…?” asked a tired voice


I turn back to see that the tired boy stretching out his arms. His eyes weren’t open and he wasn’t getting out of bed either.

This was my chance.

I slipped on my Chuck Taylors and creep towards what I think is the front door. My heart was telling me to stay but my mind was telling me otherwise. I knew nothing would ever happen with a one night stand. It’s not like I would ever see him again anyway.

My hand reached out for the gold door knob as I looked back at the beautiful boy slowly gets up.

I feel my heart ache. Why did I feel this way about this guy?

A sigh left my mouth as I knew I couldn’t stay much longer.

“Bye Niall.” I manage to whisper before I open the door and walked into the coldness of England


“Mum look at me!” shouted a 6 year old girl as she slid down the slide

“Great job sweetie!” the mom clapped

I smile missing those moments I had with my mother. It’s been 12 years since she passed and I still love her as much as I did before. My heart panged at the thought of remembering coming to the hospital everyday and seeing her pale fragile body. She looked as if she could disappear into dust with just one touch.

“I’ll get better love, I promise.” I could hear her voice reply

“You promise Mummy?” I hear my childish voice ask

“I promise. When I leave this place we can go and visit the Eiffel Tower!” I remember her fragile voice say

“Really!” my voice said perking up almost immediately

“We’ll travel the world together.” She would palely smile back

“ Us against the world Mum.” I whisper pulling my pinky finger out

“Us against the world.” she says smiling back wrapping her pinky around mine

I feel tears start to fall down my face as I remember every single detail from that day. I was only 7 at the time and wasn’t exactly smart. I remember telling my mom that I had to use the bathroom and coming back to see doctors and nurses running in and out frantically out of my moms room. Loud screams and cries left my mouth as I ran towards the door. My dad holding me back making sure I wouldn’t go in there, tears running down his face as he did so. I didn’t understand what was going on at the time. The doctors told me she left. She left and went to a better place.

More tears fell down my face as I remember staying locked up in my room for days not daring to come out. I stayed curled up on my bed wrapped around my mom’s favorite blanket. Tears flowing like crazy I remembered the promise.

Now it would just be me against the world.

I soon come back to reality to see that I had been crying for awhile now. My eyes were red from the silent crying I had been doing. My whole life I had been difficult, I could never fit with many groups. I’m just lucky to be with Linnea she’s really the only thing I’ve got in my life that’s good in my life.

I looked down at my Converse’s as they kicked the gravel underneath the bench I was sitting at. This park was one of the few places where I could come back and feel myself reconnect with my mom. She would take me here all the time before that happened. My mom was pretty high spirited from what I remember. She had pretty light brown eyes and curl light brown hair that fell just above her shoulders. Her smile made everyone happy. No one ever suspected her to get leukemia but when it happened they didn’t know what to do. Doctors tried everything but it was no use.

She died anyway.

“Mummy was is that girl crying?” asked the little girl pointing at me

“Jasmine! It’s not nice to point!” exclaimed the mum

I look up to see the mum was now scolding her child. I guess this was my queue to leave, as I soon got up and walked away from my old memories and living the present time.


My converses skidded across the sidewalk as I continued to walk to, well I don’t know exactly. I’ve been walking around Bradford for a few hours now just thinking. I take out my white iPhone to see that it was 7:05. Shit, time flies by really fast when you don’t think about it. I didn’t want to go back to my flat and eat by myself so I did something that I usually did, I texted Linnea. My long finger hit on messages and typed a quite text to “Sexy Bitch” before I hit send.

Meet me at Starbucks in 20? 

Seconds later I instantly got a reply.

Hell ya! See ya there sexual! 


A smile escaped my lips as I read the text. This girl knew how to lift up my spirits. She was the only one who knew about my whole life and everything about it. She has my one friend I could count on for anything possible.

I continued to smile as I turned my heels in the other direction and head my way to the one and only





*Linnea’s POV*

No I couldn’t have. I couldn’t have had sex with my neighbor! That’s so wrong on so many fucking levels. This must be a dream! Yes, a dream that has to be it. I couldn’t have been that stupid to have sex with my neighbor, could I? No, it’s not possible.

My fingers pinched my skin multiple times but nothing changed, I was still staring at myself in the mirror looking like a monster. I loud sigh left my mouth as I knew it was no dream, I really did sleep with my neighbor. So many things floated through my head.

What happens now?

How could I have been so fucking stupid!!!!!!!

What happens between the two of us?

Oh god I hope he doesn’t think we are a couple now…..

The last one really stuck to me. I couldn’t date this guy! He was totally out of my league and wasn’t what I wanted in a guy. Sure he was handsome and had a great personality but,  I was looking more of a guy who had a bad side sort of like Zayn.

Wait hold up, I did not just say Zayn!

I couldn’t even date this guy it would just be….weird! I don’t even-

“Puttin’ my defences up
 ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
 If I ever did that
 I think I’d have a heart attack

 Never put my love out on the line
 Never said yes to the right guy-“ my phone went off

I quickly reach for it too see that I received a text from a random number.

<b>I think we need to talk about last night.</b>

<b>-Lou Xx</b>

I feel my phone slip from my hands and loudly fall to the floor. How did he even get my number? I didn’t want to talk about anything with this guy; I’d rather just forget about everything and just move on. I guess he wanted the opposite.

So after a couple of minutes of thinking I came up with the easiest solution, I was going to ignore him. Seems pretty easy right?

Oh if I knew how wrong I really was.


I’ve been in my flat for about 2 hours and I don’t dare to move. I don’t even look out my window, I’m stay scared that I will see Louis waiting for me out there. I don’t know why but I just don’t want to go up to him and have a talk right now, I’m still in that ‘I just fucked my neighbor’ phase. It’s not really something I would be proud of right now. I’ve only know this guy for like 5 minutes and thought he was great but I fuck everything and kissed him.

My body lay in my arm chair in next to my bed as I watched TV being bored out of my mind. I wasn’t really paying much attention to what was showing on the bright screen. My mind was somewhere else, but was soon interrupted by the sound of my phone going off.

“Puttin’ my defences up
 ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
 If I ever did that
 I think I’d have a heart attack

 Never put my love out on the line
 Never said yes to the right guy-“ blasted from my phone again

My instincts instantly told me that it was Louis again, but I of course leapt of the chair and ran toward my phone. A sigh of relief left my lips as I saw that it was just a text from Nando’s Bitch.

Meet me at Starbuck in 20?


A smile formed as I knew JoJo remembered me saying how desperately I wanted to go and see the new Starbucks that just opened three blocks away. Even though I know I’m hiding from Louis doesn’t mean I can’t go out, right?

So without needing another second to think I reply back.

Hell ya! See ya there sexual!

I hit send and run over to my hot pink Doc Martens and slip them on in less than 3 seconds. I take a short peek at myself in the mirror and fixed my hair in a ponytail. All I was wearing was blue sweats and a plain tight white shirt that said ‘Shake That Ass’, lyrics from one of my favorite songs, and my combat boots. I didn’t really feel like dressing up today as you can tell.

Once I had my hair in the sloppy ponytail I ran out the front door, not bothering to lock it, and didn’t dare look behind me to see if a familiar face was out there.

That went by the name of Louis.




*Zayn’s POV*

“Zayn get table number 4 please!” shouted Jim my boss

“Sure thing boss.” I reply back rolling my eyes as I make my way to the table

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m working at my job right this very minute. I never imagined myself working at all for a low ass paid job that I don’t care for, but guess what? I am.

The only reason why I’m really doing this is to help my mom pay the bills at our home. Times right now are really tough for my mom and my younger sisters so, I’m helping them in any way possible. The only thing that would really help is a job and this was the only one I could land,

A job at Starbucks.

I swear if anyone from comes here I’m going to freak out. A guy like me shouldn’t be working here wearing a apron and a tacky green shirt that did nothing for my upper body.

God my life sucks.




<b>*Linnea’s POV*</b>

As I entered the small coffee shop, I was instantly greeted with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I was always more of a fan of tea but damn this coffee made my stomach grumble and my mouth water.

“Linnea! Over here!!!” shouted a feminine voice

I turned to my right to see a smiling JoJo waving her hand, indicating for me to come and sit with her. Of course I ran over giving her a big hug.

“Hey Nando’s Bitch!” I shout with a huge smile on my face

“Hey Sexy Bitchhhh!!” JoJo said weirdly

We quickly sat down and talked about the weirdest things really from unicorns and the new TV show about Ke$ha.

“Oh my god isn’t that Zayn Malik from our school?” asked a smirking JoJo, pointing behind me

I looked  over my shoulder to see no other than Zayn in a black apron, a pair of jeans, and a green shirt.

Wait isn’t that the uniforms for Starbucks waiters…….oh god, wait a minute.

“Holy shit!!! He works here!” I exclaim

“Wow. Who would have ever thought he would be working at a place like this.”

A giggle left my lips. Never in a million years would I think that a guy like him would be working here.

“Shh! He’s coming over here!” shouted JoJo scrambling around in her seat to look natural

“Are you ok…..” I ask

“You know I never am!” joked JoJo

I really am glad we are friends.

“Hello welcome to Starbucks how can I-“ said Zayn connecting his brown eyes with mine

“Uh..” said Zayn awkwardly

“Hi Zayn nice bumping into you.” winked JoJo

“Hi JoJo.” He replied not taking his eyes off me

“Hi Linnea.” He whispered

“Hi Zayn.” I say blushing

We starred at each other for awhile longer before we were interrupted by the sound of my best friend ‘coughing’.

“Oh sorry! Can I take your order?” he asked looking at JoJo

“Ya I’ll just take a grande hot chocolate.” said JoJo looking at the menu that was at the table

“And you?” he asked turning to me locking his eyes with mine again

“I’ll take a vanilla flavored coffee.” I say still looking into his eyes

“I’ll bring those right up.” He said smirking as he walked away

The minute he was out of sight, JoJo automatically went on blabbering mode.

“DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!” She shouted excitedly

“See what?”

“THE WAY HE WAS LOOKING AT YOU!” she practically shouted causing a few people to stare

“He wasn’t looking at me!”

“YES HE WAS!!! ZAYN FUCKING MALIK HAS THE HOTS FOR YOU GIRL!!!” she says grinning widely

I don’t reply and just think. If only she knew the deal we made. I mean that has to be the reason why he was looking at me like that right?

But something deep in my mind thought otherwise.


“OMG NO WAY!!!” I exclaim bursting into laughter with JoJo

“YES!!” she said holding her stomach

We’ve been laughing like this for about 3 hours in the same booth and haven’t moved once. It was about 10:30pm and Starbucks was about to close any minute.

“Sorry Ladies but Starbucks is officially closed you are going to have to leave.” said a man named Jimmy

I looked around to see that the whole place was empty… we stayed here for quite awhile.

“Sorry we’ll leave now!” I say getting up from my seat

“It’s fine just take after yourself now there’s a bad storm outside.” He said smiling and walking away

Wow how long was it raining?

As we left we gave quick hugs good bye and went our separate directions. JoJo only lived across the street from Starbucks so she was fine walking and I was smart enough to bring my car here. I ran toward my car and quickly unlocked it, rain hitting hard on my back as I did so. Before I could enter the car I heard something that made me stop.

“SHIT!” shouted a mad voice

I squinted my eyes to see a pissed off Zayn standing out next to the Starbucks sign that now said ‘closed’.

“Problem?” I ask

I laugh as Zayn jumped back not seeing me there.

“Ya I just have to walk home in this rain.” he said

“Oh! I can give you a ride!” I say

Fuck me and my kindness.  

“Really you would do that?” he says smiling

“Hey you aren’t a stranger right?” I say

“True.” He laughed running towards my car and quickly opened the door

And that’s how me and Zayn Malik ended up in my car together.

What happened during this car ride is something you’ll have to wait to find out ;)


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