Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


8. Malls & Changing Rooms ;)

THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT!!!!! IF YOU CAN'T TAKE SEXUAL STUFF GET THE FUCK OUT THIS FAN FICTION ISN'T FOR YOU!!!!! Thanks for reading guys :) 130 reads and I'll update?? ~Niall's Leprechaun Xx


 PS: when I put a ;) face that means the chapter is dirty if I put that on the title


 • • •


Delicious Benefits• Chapter 6 Malls & Changing Rooms ;)


*Linnea's POV*


 Durning detention I looked around for Zayn for 3 hours but couldn't find him anywhere. He must have ditched like half of the other class did.


 "Ok you may leave now detention is now over." Mrs. Taylor said (the old lady)


I let out a whoop whoop knowing that my best friend would be picking me up to go shopping!!! As fast as my feet could take me, I ran out of the class room ignoring Mrs.Taylor. "Slow down young lady!" I could hear her fragile voice yell


The minute I ran out of the school building I immediately spotted a red Range Rover sitting at the curb. Only one person in the whole school drives a car like that. JoJo.


 JoJo has been my best friend since primary school. We met when we were both 5 when we both were stupid little children putting glitter in each others hair. JoJo looks the complete opposite of me. She has brown and black wavy hair that goes down to her shoulder with blonde and purple tips that were dip dyed. Her eyes are a dark brown and she was very tan even though she was never outside much. What I liked about her the most was that she was as crazy as me. We did crazy shit that I could do with no one else.


"Hey sexy thing!" I see JoJo say as I make my way to the car


 "Hey Nando's bitch!" I shout back laughing


Damn did that girl have a thing for Nandos.


"HURRY UP!!! I want to get to all the good stuff before its taken!" JoJo whined as I took my time to get in the car


Sometimes it was funny to get this girl pissed....not like I do it a lot ;)


 "Ok ok! Chill the mall doesn't close in 6 hours!" I say hoping onto the leather seat I close the car door behind me, buckling in my seatbelt as I sat back waiting for her to hit the gas.




 "AHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!" I could hear JoJo shout in the distance


 I smirk knowing that she found whatever she was looking for. We have been shopping at the mall for 2 hours and I was done 1 hour ago but of course JoJo was crazy and had to shop some more. "I'll be back!" I shout heading to the dressing rooms spotting a pair of jeans that I liked


 "Ok! I'm gonna head over to Top Shop! Meet you there?" she asks questionably


"Sure!" I state as I make my way to the dressing rooms


 As I make my way over to a free room, I felt a hand pull me back into another one. I roll my eyes thinking that it was JoJo wanting to scare me. "Seriously what the f-" I turn around to shut my mouth


Instead of my best friend there stood the one and only Zayn Malik.


 "Zayn?! What the fuck are you doing at a woman's store?" I ask curiously


 "I saw you through the window and thought I should stop by." he says with a seductive wink


"Zayn we can't do this in here we are in a fucking changing room!" I say trying to get some sense into him


 But of course he ignores me and does the simplest thing he can do. He smashes his lips onto mine. I keep my mouth shut but soon cave in and started to kiss back hungrily. The tension between as was only lust. "Hurry up." I murmur as he kisses down my neck


He nods knowing exactly what to do. I felt his thick fingers tap against my thigh, signaling for me to jump. I do as I'm told and wrap my legs around him as he pushed me against the wall. My fingers fumble with his button as he rips off my pants and knickers. Once his jeans are on the floor, we get right down to business. Quickly, Zayn removes the condom from its silver packet slipping on, on his big dick. The minute it's on he pushes inside me and starts thrusting in and out. Soft moans escape my lips as he starts to go at a fast pace. Zayn's hand covers my mouth from me to stop moaning so loud as he thruster faster and faster by the second. Moans continually leaving my mouth, or trying too. "Shh." Zayn spoke as he went in and out of me I nod in response as I continue to grind my hips with his


After a few minutes of him inside me, I could see the look on his face that told me he was almost at his climax and I could tell I was coming too. "Faster Zayn." I murmer so I could finish faster knowing that by know JoJo would be wondering where I was


 He let out one hard thrust before I felt his cum inside me. We both realized at the same time leaving soft moans. I felt Zayn's dick slip out of me as I unwrapped my legs from his body. Quickly, I put on my knickers back on and my pants. Just as I was about to walk out, I felt a tap on my shoulders. I turn around to see a smiling Zayn.


"Don't forget this." he whispered into my ear I looked down to see that he was holding the pair of pants I wanted to try on.


 "Thanks." I smile back before leaving the room

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