Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


27. Gone

Delicious Benefits




Chapter 25








*Tom's POV*

Yes, I was planning to kill her.

Just not yet.

Lets just say I had some other things I needed to do before that would happen.


*Linnea's POV*

I stared at the blood as it dripped down my body. I didn't feel the pain of the wound that he made, I couldn't even feel the blood oozing out of my skin. All I felt was numbness.

Tom was going to kill me.

It was so obvious.

Millions of thoughts ran through my head at that moment in time. My friends, my dad, my life was going to be taken from me.

All because of one guy.

One guy who I never loved, or I thought I did.

"Let's go Linnea." Tom hissed at me, pulling my injured arm

I wince a little as I feel a spark of pain fill my body. He was going to take me somewhere, somewhere where I would be found dead.

There was no way I was going to get out of this.

There was no way I was going to esca-


Just at that moment a light bulb went off in my head. A sparkle of hope lit up inside of me.

A chance for someone to help.

I could feel my phone in the back of my pocket. My left, free, arm moved to the pocket that held the device and grabbed it. My brain remembered my way around my phone so I didn't even need to look at it when I clicked the button to my glimmer of hope.


My best friend.


*JoJo's POV*

"Previously on Ugly Betty...." my telly stated

I munched on my popcorn as I listened to the electronic in front of me. When I got home I decided to watch reruns of my favourite TV show, Ugly Betty.

Looks like I'm going to be staying up all night....


<30 Minutes Later>

I was about half way through the episode before I heard E.T blast though my iPhone.

"Ugh." I mutter realising I left my phone in my bedroom

I slowly get up and hum to my favourite song.

"Your so hypnotising, could you be the devil, could you be an angel...." my phone blasted

My brown eyes look at the screen to see that it was Linnea calling. I immediately answer it.

"Hey hey." I say

I wait for a reply but silence fills the air as nothing comes. A sigh leaves mouth as I think it was her bum calling me.

But, just as I was about to hang up a loud crash filled the other line.

"You stupid bitch!" an angry voice said in the distance

Why does that voice sound so familiar.....

"Please just let me go! It doesn't have to be this way." I hear Linnea say

My brows knit together as I put my ear against the speaker, not wanting to miss one word.

"You little bitch. You ruined my life, now I'm going to ruin yours." the mans voice laughed

"Tom, please no." I hear my best friend wince

And that's when another loud crash filled the other line and the line went dead.


That son of a bitch.

Fear filled my body as I knew my best friend was in trouble.

I had to save her.

So without wasting another second I grabbed my raincoat and ran out the front door.

I ran down my stairs outside my flat before I stopped. I knew I couldn't take Tom down myself so I needed back up.

Luckily I know just the person to do so.



*Zayn's POV*

"And here is where you will be staying." I say to Niall, pointing at the guest room across the hall from mine

"Thanks man, I really appreciate it." Niall smiles at me

"No problem I do anything for our gang." I smile back

"So what should we do now?"

"Well we could g-" I say before being cut off by my phone vibrating

"Hold on." I say to Niall before answering the my phone


"Zayn. It's JoJo."

" did you get my number?"

"I got my ways but nows not the time. Linnea's in trouble Zayn I need someone to help me."

"Why? What's wrong?" I ask getting sorta worried

"It's Tom." she says simply

"What about Tom?"

"He's has her." she says before the line cuts off

"Fuck." I murmur to myself

"You ok mate?" I hear Niall ask

"How do you feel about going on a little trip?"


*JoJo's POV*

I swivel into a parking space, not caring about parking my car, and hop out. My feet scurried across the parking lot as I knew I didn't have much time.

I looked at my phone to see that it was 10 minutes since I got that phone call, I had no time to waste, I couldn't wait for Zayn.

My tall body ran toward the set of stairs that lead to her flat. When I finally came to her familiar door I frantically banged on the wooden thing.

"LINNEA! ARE YOU IN THERE?" I shout, kicking and banging on the door

When I got no response, I really started to worry. What if he hurt her? What if she's lying there bleeding to death? Millions of these thoughts ran through my mind.

I couldn't loose my best friend.

Anger took over me as I thought about everything that happened to me in my life. I couldn't let someone else I loved die. I wasn't going to let that happen.

The anger build up in my body and then I did something that I thought I would never do in my life time.

I broke the door down.

At the time I didn't care what I did, I just walked through the door ignoring the fact that I broke it down.

The adrenaline in me was pumping like crazy.

"LINNEA!" I shout as I run through her flat checking every nook and cranny for her

Seconds, minutes passed as I looked and called her name.

She wasn't here.

She was gone.

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