Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


6. Classrooms ;)



~Niall's Leprechaun Xx


 PS: when ever I write ;) in one of the chapters that means it dirty! I'll still give you a heads up though.





 Chapter 5- Classrooms ;)




*Linnea's POV*


 "I'm Zayn Malik." My blue eyes open wide.


So this was the famous Zayn Malik, the boy who always got into trouble from things like cheating on a math test, selling drugs at school to punching a teacher. This boy was trouble but my stomach was telling me something else. It felt like something inside was stirring in me when I looked into his big brown eyes.


 Must be cramps.....


"Take a seat please we don't have all day." the lady snapped


 I watched as he moved his combat boots and made his way over to the back of the classroom.


"Oh god, please don't sit here." I thought to myself


Just to my luck, I watch as he plopped down to the desk next to me.


Yay.....this is going to be interesting.


 "Ok all of you know the rules like I said before. I'll be back in 1 hour." the old lady said before walking out the front door


The minute the door closed the room that was filled with silence was now filled with laughter and talking.


 Damn... I pull out my phone and started texting my best friend JoJo.


 "Ugh stuck in detention! R u free 2 text?" I type


I watch as minutes passed and no reply.


 Sometimes I feel like my friends are dead when they don't reply. I stare at my white screen until it goes black. My fingers hit the home button but nothing happened. Damn it, it ran out of battery. "Fuck!" I say a little to loud tossing my phone into my mustache bag


That's right I said mustache bag.


 I hear faint chuckles come from the other side of me. I turn to see that it was Zayn, looking right at me.


 "Is there a problem?" I ask


 He looks at me for awhile before replying. "That's what got me in here the first place."


 "What? Playing on your phone? Now that doesn't seem bad ass enough for Zayn Malik." I say kind of rudely


 "No, cussing in front of Mrs.Griffins."


 I couldn't help but laugh. Mrs.Griffins was the easiest to make pissed. Even it you didn't say a word right when reading out loud she would give you lunch detention, it was kinda sad. "What did you do?" he asks curiously


 "I posted pictures of my naked ex on everyone's locker." I say blushing I watch as his eyes go wide.


 "Ex? You mean your boyfriend Tom?" he asks


Wow everyone did know who I was dating....


 "Well he use to be until I caught him kissing the fuck out another girl. Asshole." I say in an angry tone


 "My girlfriend told me she liked someone else." He whispers I look into his eyes to see that they were full of sadness. Inside this bad boy was a boy that wanted to be loved. But his eyes were then filled with nothing as he noticed me staring.


 "I-I'm sorry." I say trying to find the right words


 "Don't be. She was a bitch anyway." he murmurs


We were quiet after that until the lady came back saying we could all leave early.


 "YESS!" screamed half the kids in detention running out of the room I'll admit detention isn't that bad....


 As I walked towards the double doors of the schools entrance I realized that I left my English homework in Mrs.Griffins room. Crap. I drag my TOMS and walk my way to English class.


*Zayn's POV*


 When I walked up to my shiny black motorcycle I realized that I left my headphones in Mrs.Griffins room before I left. "Fuck." I sigh as I walk back up the steps into Adam's High




 *Linnea's POV*


 "There you are." I sigh happily as I gather my homework together


 Once I zipped my bag I made my way to the door but, I was blocked by my body bumping into someone else. I look into his eyes to see immediately who it was. Zayn. We locked our eyes together and stayed that way in silence.


What happened next took me by surprise.


 He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards his lips.


Once our lips connect we immediately started to have a heated make out section. I heard Zayn close the door with his foot knowing that Mrs.Griffins left hours ago. We continued to kiss as he tugged on my shirt.


 I redundantly took it off, showing off my black lacy bra. I felt his hands push me against the wall making a thumping nose but that didn't stop him from kissing my neck. Shivers went down my spine when he reached my sweet spot just underneath my ear. I let out a loud moan not being able to control myself. I couldn't take it anymore. My fingers quickly started to fiddle with his belt as he continued to kiss my neck. As soon as his belt was off I unzipped his jeans and threw them to the floor not caring for them. Zayn moved me to the teachers desk as he kept on kissing me down to my shoulder and up. I let out soft moans as he did so. Once my ass sat on the top of the desk, I felt his big hands unzipping my pants. Helping out a bit, I unbutton my jeans to let him pull them off me. I watched as he threw them to the side and slipped off his t-shirt revealing his abs that made me want him even more. All that was keeping him out of me was his boxers and my purple knickers. "Let's get rid of these shall we?" Zayn asks tugging on my knickers I smile nodding to let him continue. Once my knickers were on the floor I pulled down his boxers not being able to let this go on for much longer. We continue to kiss as he ripped off the condom wrapper. Woah! Where did that come from? He quickly put it on before putting his bulge into me. I moan as I lay back letting him continue. He continued to pump in and out of me as I let out louder moans. Our hips moved in sync perfectly as he continued to thrust in and out. I felt myself start to climax as he let out one last thrust before releasing into me. Moans escaped our mouths as we released.







 I just had sex on my English teachers desk.

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