Delicious Benefits

My name is Linnea Rose. I'm the girl with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and was dating the quarterback from the football team.

Notice how I said was?

Because of him that how it all started.

In detention.

That's where I met him.

Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the school.

The boy who would always get into trouble and mischief.

We made an agreement.

No Falling in Love.

Just Sex.


28. Can't Be Late

Delicious Benefits




Chapter 26




Can't Be Late




DB (New Chappie)

  *Zayn's POV*  

I pull up into the parking lot not breaking a sweat. The adrenaline in me was pumping as I was ready to save Linnea in whatever trouble she was in. I hop out of my bike and dash towards the flight of stairs that lead to Linnea's flat.   

"Hey mate! Wait up!" I hear Niall shout  

But, I don't dare look back, all that I could focus on was Linnea.   

My palms started to sweat as I came to a holt to her front door.

  It was gone.

  Someone had broken down the front door.  


*JoJo's POV*

  "Linnea!" i hear a voice shout  

"Linnea? Are you in here?" the same voice shouts again  

My mind took a while to adjust who was talking but it finally kicked in.   



"Zayn in here!" I shout from Linnea's bedroom  

I hear loud footsteps come closer to me before I saw Zayn's figure.   "JoJo wheres Linnea?" he asked nervously   

"S-shes gone." I say before I break down into tears  

"SON OF A BITCH!" I hear Zayn shout, followed by a loud noise

 I jump back startled to see that the chair that was in the corner was now all the way in the middle of her bedroom.   "Do you know where she could be?" Zayn asked breathing hard  

"No….. I don't think so." I say as my brain racked around for places that me and Linnea liked to hang out at

  "Anywhere JoJo, places that you guys liked to go to, places that Linnea and Tom liked to go to." he says cringing at the name Tom

  " I don't kn-" I say before a something goes off in my head  

A memory of me and Linnea.  


  ~4 Months Ago~  

"So how was it?" I asked as I laid my back against the large tree above me

  "It was amazing! He's a really good cook you know?" Linnea says happily as she swung on one of the branches

  "You really like him don't you?" I say looking up at the happy girl 

  "I think I do." she smiles down at me

 "So where did you guys go?" I ask wanting to know all about the details about their "romantic weekend"  

"Well Tom's dad own this cabin near our favorite pastry shop, like 2 miles down and theres like this drive way that leads up to it and oh my god its so fucking amazing." she says in one sentence

  "Wow! Sound awesome!"  

"It was."




  "I know where she is." I say suddenly coming out of my trance  

My feet scurried towards the front door and ran down the stairs.   I had to get there fast.  

I couldn't be late.

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