Holding Onto Faith

Cage finds his self falling in love with a beautiful girl, only thing is she doesn't exist. He works at his fathers coffee shop, at this coffee shop and they have a chalkboard outside. His father writes the specials and cost of things on it. Thats when Cage was going inside when he noticed a girl walking away from the chalkboard. He chased after her but she was to far. He turned to the chalkboard and it had this on it "When one door opens, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us" -Alexander Graham Bell. This is where his story begins.


4. Walking A Mile In Her Shoes

After me and Amy got back to the school, we went to class. I sat down next to Alex again, and before I knew it we were already making plans to hang out Friday night. The fact that I just found out he has a sister I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't tell me. I mean there's nothing wrong with Amy, except the fact that she can walk right through trees and stuff, but other then that she's perfectly normal. After school I went to Alex's house, it was the first, we always went to my dad's coffee shop or the movies, but never to his house. Once I was inside it was kinda awkward. Alex came over to me and asked "Want something to drink?" I nodded my head and said "Sure." I couldn't help but wonder if Amy had been home that was all I was thinking. Alex came back with two bottles of water. We both sat there awkwardly drinking quietly. Alex then said "So Amy told you about us?" I said back "Yea." Alex then smiled and said "So you know about like who I really am." Although I didn't know I had an idea since Amy was walking through tress and stuff. I nodded my head.


Amy then walked in and saw me I could tell she was shocked. She quickly ran over and grabbed her brother's arm and went into another room. I just sat there thinking what were they talking about, I think it was about me but I wasn't to sure. I got up and walked around the room. I saw pictures and saying all over the wall I smiled and said quietly "So that's where she that quote from." I continued to look around I noticed a album, on it, it had the words "My Children's Life" I laughed thinking what a ridiculous name for a album. I opened it up and say Austin next to the picture it had the words "Finding out who he really is" I sighed and thought these people really aren't human, they walk through trees, they smell people, and they make sure they're in groups. I heard yelling so I turned my head towards the door. It got quiet, I just sighed.


I sat back down on the couch and noticed something on the floor I picked it up, it was a book titled "Holding Onto Faith"I looked at the book and opened to the first page. While Amy and Alex were talking I read about 8 chapters, honestly I'm not a fast reader and I'm not into books but this was a really good book, It was about a girl who's a vampire and learns that she's not allowed to get close to anyone. Honestly I think I like this book because it reminds me of my situation right now. I put the book back down and took a sip of my water. That's when the front door opened it was Austin, Lana, and Paige. Austin started to glare at me, he looked like a tiger and I was his prey. Lana and Paige automatically sat down next to me. I looked at them thinking they all must be siblings.


I guess Lana heard my thought or something because she said "No we're not all siblings only Amy, Austin, and Alex." She paused and Paige continued with "If you haven't noticed all of their names start with A's." Now that I think about it they did have all A's. Paige then said "Since you're here I'm guessing they told you." She laughed and said again "Well it's been 10 years sooner then I thought, they usually tell people in 20 years, then kill them." She smiled at me. Honestly I began to get worried out of all of this I never said a word I just sat there and tried not to talk because I was to scared. That's when Austin came over and said "In fact i'll personally kill you myself, scrap off every skin on you then eat you." He had a smirk on his face, that's when Amy came out and said "Austin, keep your thoughts to yourself please." She looked angry, I could tell she cared about me, or at least I hoped she did.


Alex came out and laughed and said "Sorry, Austin is just trying to be funny, he's not very good at it." I just laughed nervously. Then got up and said "I think I should go now, um see you tomorrow, I guess." Amy then said "I'll go with you." And smiled, Austin then said "As will I." Amy glared at him and looked at me and smiled and said "Lets go." As we started to walk out I could hear Lana say "Wow scared of your little sis, what a wuss." Then laughed, I smiled at that and looked at Amy. Once we were in the woods I looked at her and said "Your family is um-" I paused and said "interesting." She then said "Yeah, I would say." We continued to walk through the woods. I looked at her and said "You remind me of "Holding Onto Faith." She just looked at me surprised and said "You read the book?" I laughed and said "I was, it's really interesting." She smiled and said "Maybe I'll let you borrow  it some time.


Me and Amy walked and talked she said so many interesting things. Once we were at my house she look at me and said "Your a weird person." I laughed thinking yeah because I walk through trees and stuff. But because she didn't know I saw that I said " I know what you are but what am I?" She laughed. Her laugh was beautiful, her eyes were beautiful, everything about her was beautiful. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I realised that today I went through something she goes through everyday, I basically walked a mile in her shoes, even if it wasn't for long I experienced something that I never thought I could. I suddenly asked her "You wanna go on a date with me?" 

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