Holding Onto Faith

Cage finds his self falling in love with a beautiful girl, only thing is she doesn't exist. He works at his fathers coffee shop, at this coffee shop and they have a chalkboard outside. His father writes the specials and cost of things on it. Thats when Cage was going inside when he noticed a girl walking away from the chalkboard. He chased after her but she was to far. He turned to the chalkboard and it had this on it "When one door opens, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us" -Alexander Graham Bell. This is where his story begins.


9. Unfinished Business

Amy's P.O.V


I looked outside scared wondering why they were here so soon. I wasn't ready to do this, that's when I saw Cage being held by that thing. I ran outside with Austin casing after me yelling at me to come back. I didn't care, Cage was in danger and I had to help him. Once I got there I looked at that thing and yelled "PUT HIM DOWN!" The thing then said "Make me." Austin, Alex and June got here. Austin then said "Hey, we can work this out." The thing said "No, we can't, for years our people have suffered because of ghost like you. Invading Earth and acting like humans, are you people that desperate to be alive?" Austin then said "We're sorry, but do you really have to hurt innocent people, they did nothing to you, we're the ones you want take us instead." That's when I looked on the ground and found the ghost repellant neckless.


I looked at Cage and sighed, I picked up the neckless. I could feel my hand starting to burn and my body getting weaker. I then said "I'm human, the only way I could hold this neckless is if I was human, please put him down, or else I'll throw this on you, and from what I heard you can die from this, I'll give you 5 seconds. 1.....2.....3.....4" He dropped Cage on the floor and said "Fine, but next time, I will get you, just wait. The group of ghosts disappeared. As soon as they did I fell to the ground, my hand was still burning even though I let the neckless go, my body grew weaker and weaker. I could feel my eyes closing slowly. I could hear my brothers yelling at me telling me to wake up, that I wasn't allowed to die yet.


I woke up on the couch, with everyone looking at me, everyone seemed to be here except June. I was hoping that she would be here. Austin was staring at me with a glare, Alex was putting a Ice pack on my head, and Cage was on his knees holding my hand. I then said "What happened?" Cage jumped up and hugged me he said "Amy, I thought, you would die." I then said "I'm a ghost stupid, I cant die." Even though I knew I could, there were so many ways I could die and Cage was one of them. I then looked at Austin and said "Why so mad?" Austin glared at me and said "Why so mad? I'm mad because you almost killed yourself, think what if they never put Cage down, you would've died, think about things before you do them Amy!" I sighed and looked down.


I wasn't doing anything wrong I was fighting for love, was that so wrong. Alex then said "Yea fighting for love is wrong especially when it's a human that could kill you." I never knew Alex could get so mad before. I looked at Cage who was looking down he then said "Maybe I should go, I'll see you um, later I guess." I looked at Cage stand up sadly and leave I looked at my brothers and said "Was that necessary?" Alex then said "Yea it was, Amy you almost died, do you not understand that, just being around him is dangerous, we cant let this happen again. Either you break up with him or we move, and that's that, because I'm done that was the last straw." I looked at Austin hoping he would say something like "it was just one time" or "that's to harsh, we'll give you one more chance" He didn't all he said was "I'm very disappointed in you" That really hurt.


I then looked down and said "No, I cant leave Cage what if they come back?" Alex then said "And what if you die?" I looked at Alex and said "Cage needs-" "No Amy, we need you, we need you to live." Alex said with a sad and desperate voice. Austin then said "One day, you have one day, better think fast." Austin just left the house, Alex looked at me and said with a sweet voice "It's for your own good." I looked at him and sighted. He also left the house. Just then Paige, Lana, and June walked in. Paige then said "You doing okay?" I shook my head and said "long story short break up with Cage or move." Paige and Lana sat down next to me, Lana said "Awww, I feel ya."


All three of us were talking about Cage and stuff, when finally June said "Is that all you can think about, Cage and love, Amy you almost died, do you not understand that?" I looked ay her surprised and said "You never cared about me before, so please don't care about me now." June then said coldly "I tried to be nice and I tried to help but just like I'm not your sister your not mine." I thought about it, did she always think of me as her sister? I sighed thinking everyone hated me right now even Cage. Lana then said "Calm down June, you would've done the same thing for her, and you would've done it because of love, she's just doing what we all would do for her." June then said "But for a human, humans can kill us in a second, just like garlic, lemons, red chilli, and sometimes ourselves." June sighed and said "Do whatever yo want, but they will come back not for us, but for you." She also walked out the house.


Every family has a way they walk out, the Hudson's was walking out after you were yelling or stressed. I also wanted to walk out but everything was my fault, but I couldn't just let Cage die like that, I love him and he loved me, I wasn't ready to lose him. About two hours later I left the house, I went to find those ghosts and luckily I knew just where they were. Once I got there, it was an abandoned house. Ghost usually stay in a place where they were born or died, I stayed in a place where I was born. Once I walked in I saw him, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. I walked over to him and said "I'm Rose Hudson, you wanted to kill me today remember?" The man then said "Oh yeah, what brings you here?" "We have unfinished business" I said with a smirk on my face.

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