Holding Onto Faith

Cage finds his self falling in love with a beautiful girl, only thing is she doesn't exist. He works at his fathers coffee shop, at this coffee shop and they have a chalkboard outside. His father writes the specials and cost of things on it. Thats when Cage was going inside when he noticed a girl walking away from the chalkboard. He chased after her but she was to far. He turned to the chalkboard and it had this on it "When one door opens, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us" -Alexander Graham Bell. This is where his story begins.


5. The Date

  As I looked at Amy nervously, and said those words, I instantly regretted saying it. I kept on thinking she's gonna say no or she probably doesn't even like me. So I got caught of guard when she said "Sure." I was confused, shocked but most of all happy. I looked at her and hugged her right away. She looked at me and said "Pick me up at 5 tomorrow?" I nodded my head smiling stupidly. She just laughed and said "Bye" and walked away. I went inside and smiled, I went up to my bedroom and just laid on my bed happy, I felt like a teenage girl who just found out her crush likes her back, only thing is is that I'm a boy. I closed my eyes finally and went to sleep happy.


The next day I woke up at 6:32 exactly, I took a shower put on some clothes and went downstairs. I was smiling the whole time, I got my breakfast, which was toast and eggs with some ice cold orange juice. I thought to myself I had to be fuelled for the date tonight. After I ate I went to the park. Alex was sitting there, as if he already knew I was coming. He looked up at me as if he was surprised and said "Didn't expect you to be here." I just laughed and said "Did Amy tell you yet?" That's when Alex's smile went away and said "No."


I looked at him and said "Well, guess you'll have to find out yourself." I could tell he wasn't happy. I just ignored it though and smiled. Nothing could ruin this day even if the world was ending, that's how happy I was. My phone started to ring so I picked it up, it was Amy she said "Hey, can we meet up in like 2 hours." I was even happier, so I said right away "Oh yea, I'll come over soon." I hung up and looked at Alex, he then asked "Who was that?" I just smiled and said "Nobody." Then laughed. I held onto my phone and said "Well, gotta go see ya." 


Sorry it's not a lot and interesting, I'll right more later I've been sick lately, so hope you still like and read.


                                                                                                                                                                                  - I Lø√€ ¥øu2

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