Holding Onto Faith

Cage finds his self falling in love with a beautiful girl, only thing is she doesn't exist. He works at his fathers coffee shop, at this coffee shop and they have a chalkboard outside. His father writes the specials and cost of things on it. Thats when Cage was going inside when he noticed a girl walking away from the chalkboard. He chased after her but she was to far. He turned to the chalkboard and it had this on it "When one door opens, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us" -Alexander Graham Bell. This is where his story begins.


6. The Date (part 2, long)


First I want to say sorry I haven't been updating this story, I was really busy with school and I was adding chapters onto Darkness Reveals, hope you didn't give up on this story!!!! 



I got on my skateboard and went to pick up Amy. Once I got there she was really happy to see me, she looked beautiful and cute. She then said "So, am I hot, very hot, or super hot?" and smiled. I looked at her thinking if I was hot she would think she's not pretty, if I said very hot she would be between hot and super hot, and if I said super hot she would probably think I'm a creeper or something, so I said finally "No words can explain how beautiful you are." She smiled and said "Thank you." I just nodded my head. We took a taxi to my dads coffee shop. Once we got there Amy ran out the taxi and into the shop, I laughed thinking how cute she was and payed the taxi driver 14.24. I got out and went inside as soon as I did people started greeting me and saying how nice it was to see me. I was trying to be polite so I smiled and went over to the bar where Amy was sitting.


I looked at her and said "What do you want, it's on the house." She smiled and said "Everything!" I looked at her thinking she wouldn't really want everything. Would she? She then laughed and said "Calm down, surprise me." I nodded my head and said "I will be right back." and smiled. I went in the back and started to make some food for Amy.


Amy's P.O.V 

I sat there patiently and sighed. I then got up and looked around, I saw a picture of a girl on the wall. I froze in shock and looked at the picture and said quietly "June?" I quickly shook my head and thought noway she wouldn't come now. Would she? I sighed and continued to look around, now that I notice it this whole place was filled with pictures of June. I stood there and thought "Is it time already, why is she here so soon?" I looked around at everyone in the shop and sighed. Then I remembered Alex had said that I have to leave if I see more then two pictures of June around me. There were at least over 10 pictures of her. 


I quickly ran in the back where Cage was and thought if she is here she would come after Cage. I grabbed his arm and said "Can we go now, I'm not really hungry." Cage looked at me I could tell he was mad. He said "No, you're always leaving and you're never hungry, what's going on?" I looked at Cage and was about to say something, but that's when I smelt June, every ghost has a scent to them, but they're all different, so we can tell each other apart. June smelled like honey, only ghosts can smell other ghosts.


I looked at Cage and said "No time we have to go now." Cage was about to say something when his dad came in. His dads name is Jeremy. I  looked at him and thought I can smell her she's in this room, then I looked at Jeremy again and said quietly "June?". Jeremy looked at me and smiled then said "Yes?" I froze and looked down. It was June, she was inside Cage's dad. Cage then said "What's wrong Amy, you look paler then usual." I didn't say anything. That's when Jeremy said "Of course she's pale, she doesn't feel comforted and safe around us." Cage looked at his dad and said "Don't talk that way about her, she's really nice." Jeremy said "Funny, you guys were just yelling at each other like bit**es and now you're best friends?" He laughed. I guess Cage is very short tempered because right then he punched his dad, which made June go into her original form. I looked at her and then at Cage who was staring at her in shock.


June then said "You just had to punch me didn't you?" June started to get close to me and said "Where's your brothers, right about now they usually show up." I looked down. June then wrapped her fingers around my neck and started to chock me. I could feel my lungs closing up and loss of breath. That's when Cage yelled "STOP!" June then threw me on the ground and was about to wrap her hand around Cages neck but when she was about to something shocked her hand. She backed away from him and stared at him for a while and said "That neckless, it's ghost repellant." I looked at Cage and walked over to him I wanted to make sure for myself, I put my hand on his cheek and sure enough it shocked me. I looked at him and also backed away.


June then said "See this is why you need me, you cant trust him Amy he could ruin this for all of us and turn us into dust, I'm warning you stay away from him." She vanished before my eyes. I looked at Cage and said "Where did you get that?" He said calmly "Alex, he said to wear it whenever I'm going out with someone besides him." I looked at Cage he started to walk towards me, I could already feel the shock and then said "When did you put it on?" He then said "As soon as I got back here I put it on." I looked at Cage and saw him about to touch me but I backed away. I looked at Cage with sorry eyes and said "Stay away from me, please." He looked at me with saddened eyes and walked away. 


As I was walking back home I sighed, It's not my fault, if I were to get touched by him I could turn to dust and die, people just don't understand even though we're ghosts doesn't mean we live forever, the only thing that kills us are June, and ghosts repellant, it could even kill June. June was the most powerful ghost of all that's why most ghosts are scared of her. Everyone but my family including Paige and Lana. Once I got home I saw someone sitting on the couch and saw everyone else in the kitchen. I walked over to them and said "What's going on?" Austin then said "June, over there." I turned my head and sighed then looked back at them and said "Why is she here, in our house?" Alex said sadly "She wants to stay here, and dad left a note before he died that we have to let her live with us." I then said "Show me the note." I looked at it and sighed then said "No, noway am I going to live with her." That's when June got up and walked over to me and touched my face softly and said "Remember when I used to do this?" I looked June in the eyes. She continued and said "I'm your blood sister Amy, you shouldn't treat me like that especially when I'm the oldest, My mother is your mother, my farther is your farther, mom gave birth to all of us. Just because my name doesn't start with an A means I'm not a Hudson?" She laughed, I then said "You're the bad Hudson, the forgotten Hudson, everyone thinks you're the greatest ghost out there, honestly I dont see whats so special. She looked at me and said "No matter how you look at it I'm still your sister, and I will always love you. I looked at June and thought just when my life was getting better she comes and ruins it.


Hope you enjoyed this I tried to put a lot of detail and emotion into this hope you enjoyed this chapter!!!

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