Holding Onto Faith

Cage finds his self falling in love with a beautiful girl, only thing is she doesn't exist. He works at his fathers coffee shop, at this coffee shop and they have a chalkboard outside. His father writes the specials and cost of things on it. Thats when Cage was going inside when he noticed a girl walking away from the chalkboard. He chased after her but she was to far. He turned to the chalkboard and it had this on it "When one door opens, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us" -Alexander Graham Bell. This is where his story begins.


2. Golden Eyed Boy

 After that day I decided that if I ever saw her I wouldn't talk to her, that didn't last to long. I saw her walking to school, so I couldn't help but talk to her. We both walked silently, it was awkward, so I said "Sorry" She stopped walking and looked at me. Then said "No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have just left like that." I was about to say something when someone came over to us. He looked just like Amy, only thing is he had golden eyes. He put his arm around Amy and said "Why did you run off, I missed you." Amy just stood there in shock. I was confused, I had no idea what was going on.


I looked at Amy hoping she would tell me what was going on. He then said "Amy, hellooo aren't you gonna talk to your boyfriend?" Boyfriend, she has a boyfriend? I didn't know how to respond so I just looked at Amy hoping it wasn't true. That's when I heard Alex calling my name, I turned my head for a minute then looked back towards Amy, but she was already gone, and so was the golden eyed boy. I just sighed and walked towards Alex. After class I was walking towards the roof to take a nap, that's when I heard a voice. It was Amy's. She was yelling at someone, she said "Why did you come here?" The voice was a  deep voice, I could tell it was a man. He responded back with "Why am I here? Why are you talking and interacting with a living human?


I was confused, living human, what did that mean? That's when Amy said "That's not the problem, you are, why are you here?" She asked once again, he said back to her "I'm your brother, you should listen to me, I'm just trying to help you." Amy sighed and said "I don't need your help." He said "Yes, you do need my help, why are you hanging around that guy, your putting him in danger just let Alex deal with him" I thought Alex, what does Alex have to do with Amy, and who does he have to deal with. Amy then said "NO!" She calmed her voice down and said "Cage, Cage is different, we can't do this to him!" Me? I thought why me what couldn't they do to me? 


He just said "He's more dangerous then us, he could make all of us disappear, I don't want you hanging around him anymore" Amy then said "You always make my choices, just stop, I'll do whatever I want to, Cage means a lot to me." I just stood outside the door, confused, happy, sad, worried. Asking me these questions, was I in danger, what were they gonna do to me, what is my friend of 10 years Alex have to deal with, and why did he lie to me? That's when Amy said "You can stay, but don't involve Cage and stop saying you're my boyfriend" I said quietly "Golden eyed boy?" That's when he said "Fine, lets go, I can smell a human near by." Amy just said "Please don't call them humans, it makes them seem like a weird creature." He said "That's because they are." I heard footsteps coming closer so I quickly ran behind a vending machine. They came out and walked down the stairs. 


After they left I also went downstairs and found myself right next to Alex. I wasn't sure how to react, since I just heard something about him that I wish I didn't. Alex just smiled and said "I was looking for you, where did you go?" I just said a bit nervous.  "The roof" His smile then faded he looked upset. He said "I'll see you later, bye." Then he ran over to where Amy and golden eyed boy had been. When I saw that,I knew something was wrong.


With Amy


I saw Alex he looked upset. He said "What did you guys say to Cage?" When I heard that I looked at Austin, then said "Nothing why?" Alex said "He looks nervous and said that he was on the roof, and so were you guys." Austin said "Nope didn't see him, then again I did smell a human, but there's a lot of them here so I just thought that it was natural to smell that." I looked at Cage who was talking to some other people and laughing. I then said "Shouldn't we go outside and talk about this?" Alex then  said "Yea" We went outside and went behind the school and talked.


Austin said "Well what are we suppose to do he's gonna find out." Alex said a bit mad "Then we'll just tell him the truth, as long as he doesn't know the real us." I just sighed and said "Yea, because that works out every time." Austin and Alex just sighed. Then Austin said "Amy, we told you already, we can't let people know who we are." I just said sadly "Have you ever thought that if we tell people who we are they wouldn't care and accept us?" Alex said "Amy we're telling you this not because your out sister but because we love you." I walked away from them not caring.


I found myself in the woods.  I looked at the big brown tree with branches hanging off of it. I just sighed and continued walking. I looked over and saw my house, that's when I heard foot steps behind me. I turned around and was looking at  Lana and Paige. Paige said to me "Long time no see lil sis" I just stood there and look at her. Lana laughed and said "No need to be scared in fact we should be scared, I mean your not human nor are you one of us, so just what are you?" I just looked down upset. Paige then said "Although we could kill you in  a moment if we wanted to, but we can't since your so powerful." Then she smiled at me and said "I came to see Alex is he here?" I nodded my head and smiled. Lana then said "Next time Amy, lets put more emotion into that." I smiled and said "Sure thing Lana" Then Lana said "War is coming you should be ready" I nodded my head. Lana then started walking to the house. Then Paige looked at me and walked right through me. I just stood there. I then thought, 

this is who I am I can't let people see this part of me

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