Edit: since I finished this, I have made major changes to Chesha and her story. I will be rewriting this

Chesha is the elven princess of Aakridi, a planet across the sun from Earth. When heroes arrive at her planet unexpectedly with a human girl who looks oddly like Chesha, weird things start to happen.

Book 1 of Obsidian Series


4. Target Practice

"Come on, concentrate Chesha." Rigslam moaned.

He was helping me practice my shooting. I rolled my eyes and took aim at the Queen of Spades card about twenty yards away wedged on a wooden pole. I drew back my arrow and aimed it at the card. I took a deep breath, focusing. Just as I was about the shoot Rigslam yelled, "Incoming!"

I jerked my head up and the arrow flew right past it's target. I dropped immediately, as I was trained to do if we were under attack. "Get up." Rigslam sighed and rubbed his face.

I stood, slightly embarrassed. "What the hell was that for?" I asked.

I noticed the X-men and the Avengers were watching. "You have to be able to shoot your target and be able to dodge attacks. If you can't do that then-"

"you could've warned me you were gonna do that!" I snapped.

"Yes, because your enemy is going to warm you when they're about to attack you." Koquz said, sarcastically from the fence by the teams.

"Shut up." I snapped at him and made my arrow appear.

"May I?" A hand touched my shoulder.

I looked at Hawkeye. "Sure." I smirked.

A human would never be able to -twang!- I gawked. His arrow was sticking through the middle of the card stuck in a tree trunk. He smirked back and went to retrieve his arrow. He handed me the card and took his place at the fence again. I frowned. "See, Chesha if a human-"

"I don't care what Earth humans can do!" I yelled.

I quickly drew my arrow back and aimed. I let it go and it flew about thirty yards before hitting a nut hanging from a branch and knocking it down. I made my bow and arrow disappear and glared. "How was that? Was that good enough for you? Or do you want the human to shoot the nut?" I hissed at Rigslam.

"Chesha..." He began slowly.

I stormed away from them. "I'm going for a walk!" I called.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I whipped around to see Sveta. FearFactor and Darksiod followed. "Calm down. Hawkeye loves to show off his skill." Darksiod said.

"Though it wasn't his place to do that." FearFactor added.

Darksiod nodded. I snorted. "Why don't we just go get something to eat?" Sveta suggested.

I nodded. I led them to the castles kitchen. I went to the dwarf, Elru, and asked to prepare food myself. "Dat don't sound like to good an idea Princess." He frowned.

"Oh please Elru?" I pleaded.

He stroked his long gray beard. "I guess ya can but I gots to watch ya." He slowly said.

"Thanks." I nodded.

I led the three others to the food and grabbed some venison from a deer is caught. I handed it to sveta and she started cooking it. FearFactor started chopping lettuce and tomatoes. Darksiod pulled out some ingredients and started making a sauce. I put out the bread for Sveta so she could put the now cooked venison slices on them. Darksiod put some sauce on it and melted pieces of cheese on it too. FearFactor placed some slices on the sandwiches.

I leaned up, looking in a cabinet. I grabbed the peppers and sliced a few up. These were Ukonian peppers. They were sweet at first then gradually grew spicier. After the spicyness wore off it seemed to pop in your mouth. It was good. I placed them on the sandwiches and grabbed my own. I sighed as the sweet peppers filled my mouth and slowly grew hotter. "OH SHIT!" FearFactor yelled as the spicyness kicked in.

Their faces scrunched as it filled their mouths. I giggled and the peppers started popping. The cheese and sauce melted in my mouth with the juicy venison. I sighed again. "Now, wasn't this better?" Darksiod gulped her food down and got a drink.

I nodded. "PRINCESS CHESHA!" A cry filled the room.

I was grabbed by my arm and dragged away by guards. "What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled at them.

LThe castles under attack!" One said as they threw me into a hidden room and slid the stone door shut. 

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