Edit: since I finished this, I have made major changes to Chesha and her story. I will be rewriting this

Chesha is the elven princess of Aakridi, a planet across the sun from Earth. When heroes arrive at her planet unexpectedly with a human girl who looks oddly like Chesha, weird things start to happen.

Book 1 of Obsidian Series


19. Powers

DarkCaster looked at me then chuckled darkly.

"Fight you? You realize, even with your new powers, you can't beat me?" He smiled.

I shrugged and said, "Worth a shot."

DarkCaster laughed loudly. I ran forward, hand pulled back. I got close and tried to punch him. DarkCaster saw it and dodged, grabbing my wrist. Using his momentum, DarkCaster turned around and threw me. I flew through the air and hit one of the assembly lines. It dented beneath my weight and I grunted. I opened my eyes, seeing DarkCaster running at me, sword ready to swing. I ducked and rolled away as he swung it, slicing through the conveyer. I pushed off and punched his jaw with my obsidian covered hand. He growled and turned. I barely had time to realize his sword flying out and slicing me straight across the collar bone. I sputtered as blood spurted out, then the skin pulling itself together again. I saw him raise his sword and he brought it back down. Quickly I lifted my hands and a sword appeared, assembling itself with obsidian fragments. Our swords clashed and we pushed back and forth, neither wanting to lose.

Finally, I ducked to the side. As DarkCaster stumbled, I rushed toward him and thrust my sword toward his side. He yelled as it sliced his side as he stepped back. Blood seeped through his wound and he spun, swinging his sword upward in an attempt to hit my chin. I lept back, landing on one of the conveyors. DarkCaster turned angered eyes at me. I merely snarled back.

"You'll pay for that." He hissed. "Arreni diu."

My eyes widened as I was flung back and black vines wrapped around my body all the way up to my chin. It tightened and I felt my lungs start screaming for air. The vines tightened further and my bones felt like they would snap at any moment.

"Chesha, Chesha." DarkCaster took long strides toward my squirming body. "Poor girl, you're so foolish."

He raised his sword toward my chest. My sword had long since disappeared.

"Y-you....bastard." I managed to choke out from my throat.

Air was beginning to grow less and less in my body. I desperately sent out a pray to God for help.

"You should save your breath." DarkCaster pressed his sword through the vines harder against me.

"I-I'll do...wha-whatever I want...with m-my l-last breath." I snapped and sucked in painfully as the vines got tighter.

DarkCaster growled. He raised his sword as the world started going fuzzy. I searched desperately for a way to get oxygen.

"Chesha!" There was a scream, a thud, followed by the vines disappearing and my body hitting the floor as I gulped in air. I saw a blonde haired woman pulling out a gun and aiming at DarkCaster.

"S-Sveta?" I said shakily.

She cast me a small smile then turned back to DarkCaster.

"Back away DarkCaster or I'll shoot." She growled.

"Do your worst woman." DarkCaster grinned and suddenly yelled, "Slanochi wanuo fira!"

I stared as a portal opened and DarkCaster disappeared. 

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