Edit: since I finished this, I have made major changes to Chesha and her story. I will be rewriting this

Chesha is the elven princess of Aakridi, a planet across the sun from Earth. When heroes arrive at her planet unexpectedly with a human girl who looks oddly like Chesha, weird things start to happen.

Book 1 of Obsidian Series


8. Poison

I mumbled as my eyes opened. I was in the examining room in the basement of our castle. True, Aakridi was old fashioned as the Earth people said, but we we actually had very high tech machinery we used. Our weapons were stronger and better than Earths and we had more advanced medical systems. I squinted my eyes at the bright light and realized I had on an oxygen mask.

"Chesha are you awake?" I looked at Beast.

Iron Man, Darksiod, and Bruce stood there. I nodded.

"We ran a test on your blood while you were out." Beast said.

He wore a white lab coat and glasses.

"We found a type of poison in it. Luckily we flushed it out and ran more tests on it."

"Turns out it was mostly hallucinagins, and tranquilizer chemicals. Some chemicals were to cause you to loose feeling in various body parts for a few days." Bruce explained.

"If there had been more of the poison in you you might've lost feeling for a few weeks, maybe a month." Iron Man added.

Darksiod took off the mask.

"Who gave it to you?" She asked.

"A...a water-swimmer." I tried to describe him but I felt weak and tired. "He just have it to me and walked away."

Darksiod noted this and went upstairs. Iron Man and Bruce followed. Beast looked at me.

"You should rest for a while. We took out some of your blood in able to test the poison and flush it out."

"Ok." I nodded.

He placed a furry blue hand on my hand.

"Your brothers were very worried." He said.

"Uh huh." I mumbled.

"You just rest." He patted my hand and left.

But I couldn't rest. Thoughts whirled around my head. Who was that guy that poisoned me? Why did he poison me? Did no one else see him when I pointed at him? What if he killed my father? The thought caught me and I tested up a little.

"Chesha?" I looked at Iceman and ShadowCat.

"Koquz wanted us to give you this." ShadowCat moved and placed something small and metal in my hand.

I looked. It was a gold chain necklace with a dragon medallion ok it.

"Thanks Koquz." I said quietly as I fell asleep. 

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