Edit: since I finished this, I have made major changes to Chesha and her story. I will be rewriting this

Chesha is the elven princess of Aakridi, a planet across the sun from Earth. When heroes arrive at her planet unexpectedly with a human girl who looks oddly like Chesha, weird things start to happen.

Book 1 of Obsidian Series


13. New Clothes and Human Ears

It'd been many hours since I'd started off. I kept trying the spell and it wouldn't work. The fields were coming up to a town and I grew worried. I decided to sit down and think. Which way should I go and why weren't my powers working. Well, why was that one spell not working? I could summon my bow and cast all the other spells I knew but not the last one. I figured I needed some real clothes and a different name than Chesha if I was going to wander around here.

I snuck up between one shop and climbed on top of a dumpster. Good thing the building was short, I was able to climb up to the top easily. I stayed low and came to an air vent. I placed my hand over it and muttered a spell, melting the mesh away. I crawling in the air vent and through the pipes to another mesh opening. Only the cashier and one employer were there. I managed to pull the mesh off and swing my feet down. I landed silently right behind the cashier. I ducked and snuck behind a clothing rack. I searched through and found green army pants and a plain leather belt.

An idea struck me. I turned into one aisle and grabbed a black sports bra. I crawled under one of the changing room doors and stripped myself of my previous elven armor. I put of the pants and kept them up with the belt. I put the sports bra on and squirmed. It didnt feel right. I noticed a pair of scissors just outside the stall and grabbed them. I took off the bra and cut the straps off my black sports bra, now just a band wrapping around my breasts. I crawled out and glanced around. The cashier was focused on her magazine and the employee was still wandering aimlessly. I ducked again and reached a shoe aisle. I grabbed white ankle socks and put them on, then grabbed knee high black army boots, tucking my pants inside them.

I came and slipped behind the cashier, being as silent as possible. A shelf was placed conveniently near the vent so I climbed up and into the vent that way. I put the mesh and and crawled out. I sighed deeply on the roof.

"Now what about my ears?" I ran my hand over my right ear.

My eyes widened as both hands flew around to feel what used to be pointy elven ears. Now they were normal human ears. 

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