Edit: since I finished this, I have made major changes to Chesha and her story. I will be rewriting this

Chesha is the elven princess of Aakridi, a planet across the sun from Earth. When heroes arrive at her planet unexpectedly with a human girl who looks oddly like Chesha, weird things start to happen.

Book 1 of Obsidian Series


6. Mourning

I lay in my bed, reflecting over the past two days. The first day I just remember crying and Muuko and Koquz staying with me, trying to calm me. The second day I had cried more but I remembered Sveta talking about what had happened then the others coming one by one to try a comfort me. Something had changed in me that day, besides my broken heart. I was colder and more moody. I hid in myself and rarely talked, snapping at people a lot. Today was my fathers burial. I got a long flowing black dress. I had long black gloves on and ruby earrings the color of my lipstick. I stared in the mirror. My eyes were puffy and red from crying. I heaved a breath in my strapless dress.

"Oh Dad, why did you leave me? I didn't even say goodbye." I sighed again and left my room.

I descended the stairs. As I left the stairs on the balcony over looking the ballroom, all I saw was the movement of black. Everyone wore black funeral clothing. Muuko and Koquz wore black robes, a traditional male elven burial cloth. I walked down the stair case and slipped over to Koquz.

"Hello there." He smiled weakly.

"How many will be buried?" I murmured.

Koquz fell silent.

"... Three." He said. "Two soldiers and-"

"Father." I looked at him.

He nodded.

"But why only those three?" I asked.

"The soldiers were protecting Dad. It seems the attackers only wanted to harm him." Koquz explained.

"Why? What did he do that could've pushed someone this far? We have to figure it out." I said.

"I know how you feel but-"

"we have to follow them and figure out why they were provoked!" I clenched my fists.

"No Chesha! We have to stay here and protect the land." Koquz placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Why? If we found their reason for attacking we might be able to stop them again! What if they come for you or Muuko? We have to go after them!" My voice rose.

"I. Don't. Care. We can handle them." He hissed.

I jerked away from him.

"You're just scared! You don't want to go out for them because you think they'll kill you!" I yelled.

"Koquz, Chesha! Shut your mouths!" Muuko stalked over to us in his black robe. "What are you arguing about? Can't you see you're disturbing the others?"

He hissed at us. I looked around. A blush stole across my face as I realized the guests were staring. I stood up straight, folding my hands and cleared my throat.

"I'm sorry." I murmured and hurried out the doors.

I walked out into the large back garden. I sat on a stone bench. I took a deep breath then broke down. Tears ran down my face and I burried my face in my hands. I couldn't take the lose if my father.

"Chesha, kid, you ok?" i heard a gruff voice ask.

I turned. There was Wolverine.

"Yeah, I'm um fine." I wiped away the tears.

He was wearing a suit and tie, rocking back on his heels.

"The funeral is startin' so come on." He jerked his head.

Like I didn't know it was happening. That's why I was here. But I couldn't argue. I followed him. Suddenly, I grabbed his hand. I looked down and he stiffened. Another tear fell down my face.

"It's...uh, it's okay." He tried to comfort me.

I sniffed.

"No it's not." I said under my breath. 

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