Is it meant to be

Justin and Abi have been best friends since they were 2. Do they fall in love or does it not work out. Will their friendship come to an end. When he dates celebrity Selena Gomez?


2. What do I do

Abi's POV:

I can't believe it. I finally like Justin and him and Selena will probably date. I'm so stupid. Even worse I've never really liked Selena.

Justin's POV:

I have to go find Abi. I like her a lot, but I like Selena too. What do I do?  *starts walking back to Abi's house*

Abi's POV:

*runs inside runs up to her room and closes the door*

Pattie: Are you okay sweetie?

Abi: I'm fine *sniffles*

Pattie: If you need to talk just open your door

Abi's mom: Oh she's exaggerating.

My mom always thinks I'm exaggerating or lying. She never believes anything I say and quite frankly it's annoying.

Justin's POV:

*walks into Abi's house and straight to her room*

Justin: Please open your door Abi

Abi: No *sniffles*

oh my gosh she's crying. What have I done?

Pattie: Justin what have you done?

Justin: I told her I liked Selena

Pattie: Now you know darn well that Abi likes you it's obvious. You guys flirt so much.

Justin: She does. I didn't know mom.

Pattie: Don't try pulling that one.

Justin: I swear mom I had no clue.

Abi's POV:

I heard them whispering. Justin didn't know that I liked him. That's why I was going to tell him, but he already has a crush and I don't want to ruin it for him.

Justin: Abi please open your door

Abi: ok *opens door*

Justin: May I come in?

Abi: Yeah I guess

Justin: Come here.

Justin's POV:

I called her over to the bed and pulled her on my lap while I gently wiped my thumb across her tear stained cheeks.

Justin: Look Abs I'm sorry I like Selena I thought you would be happy for me.

Abi: Justin, I am happy for you. It's just.

She quit her sentence.

Justin: What is it?

Abi: I like you and I have for a while, and I didn't want to tell you cause I thought it would ruin are friendship.

Justin: Abi. Nothing can ruin are friendship.

Abi: I know but

Justin: but nothing Abs you're my best friend

Abi: Okay. I love you Justin.

Justin: Love you too beautiful

her cheeks heated up she was blushing like crazy. It was the cutest thing ever, but do I tell her I like her to?

Justin: Abi uhm. I have something else to tell you.

Abi: Okay Justin what is it?

Justin: I like you too

Abi: You do?

She had the biggest smile on her face. I loved when she smiled.

Justin: Yeah I do.

Abi: What about Selena?

Justin: I like her a little, but I have and will always like you more

Abi: Justin be honest. Wouldn't you date her.

Justin: No.

Abi: Why not?

Justin: because I want to date you.

Abi's POV:

Did he say that. He isn't asking me, but he just said he wanted to oh my gosh. I can't imagine my cheeks right now. They're probably 50 shades of red. 

Abi: I want to date you too.

Justin: Oh in that case. Abigail will you be my girlfriend?

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