Is it meant to be

Justin and Abi have been best friends since they were 2. Do they fall in love or does it not work out. Will their friendship come to an end. When he dates celebrity Selena Gomez?


1. Justin's back in town

Abi's POV:

 I haven't seen Justin in 6 months. Justin and I have been best friends since we were 2 years old. He is the most down to Earth boy.  He went on tour 6 months ago and hasn't been to Stratford even to visit.  I really miss him, but I get to see him today. I'm 15 and go to high school is Stratford. I have two other best friends Ryan and Izzy, and they're dating.  They keep trying to hook me up with my friend Chaz because he likes me, but I don't like him.  Anyway Justin and I are planning to go bowling today, and he will be here in less than an hour.

Justin's POV:

I get to see Abi today for the first time in 6 months. I miss her so much. I bet she is more beautiful then when I left. I'm going to get to see her in 45 minuets, and I'm more excited for this than anything.  I really love her to death. She is my best friend and I really want it to stay that way.

*calling Abi*

Abi: Hello

Justin: This is the police

Abi: Hey Justin

Justin: Sup loser. I have bad news

Abi: What?! Really?

Justin: I'm not coming to Stratford. I'm going to stay in a hotel in California.

Abi: Are you serious Justin?

Justin: Nope *Starts laughing*

Abi: I hate you. I was about to cry

Justin: *still laughing* I love you Abigail

Abi: Shut up and hurry here.

Justin: Go look in your driveway

Abi: *walks out the front door* There is nothing here

Justin: I know.

Abi: You're still as annoying as you left

Justin: *chuckles* No I'm not. You love me.

Abi: True that.

Justin: I'm going to be there in 5 minuets wait outside for me.

Abi: And why should I do that?

Justin: Because you love me.

Abi: Fine.

Justin: Yay

Abi: You still act like a little kid

Justin: Well I'm 16

Abi: You act like you're two

Justin: I know

Abi: See you in a few

Justin: Do you think you can hang up on me?

Abi: I know I can *hangs up*

Justin's POV:

Oh no she did not just do that. I'm so going to get her back, and were in the neighborhood. She's so dead.

Abi's POV:

He's gonna kill me I'm hiding in this bush. Oh my gosh there's his range rover. Aw look at Pattie she's so beautiful.

No one's POV:

Justin: She thinks she can hide her blonde hair from me.

Abi: *giggles slightly*

Justin: Heard that.

Justin's POV:

*runs towards the bush pins Abi on the ground and tickles her* 

Justin: Did you really think you could hide from me? 

Abi: *laughing hysterically* Y-e-ah, but please stop Justin

Justin: Say Justin you're so hot and I wish you were my boyfriend

Abi: Nooo

Justin: *tickles harder*

Abi: Justin you're so hot and I wish you were my boyfriend

Justin: There you go baby

Abi: You're a loser

Justin: You know you love me

Abi's POV:

*I ran over and hugged Pattie*

Abi: Hi Pattie, I missed you. How are you?

Pattie: I'm good angel. I missed you too.

Abi: Justin goes back on tour without you in two months are you upset?

Pattie: Yeah my baby's growing up.

Justin: I'm not a baby mom.

Abi: You act like one.

Justin: Oh shut up

Pattie: Where's your mom Abi

Abi: In the house somewhere. Go right in.

Pattie: Okay love birds see you later.

Justin and Abi: Yuck *laughs*

Pattie: *shuts door*

Justin's POV:

I missed Abi so much and she is more beautiful than ever.

Justin: Hey Abi you got very beautiful

Abi: Thanks Justin.

Justin: Wanna go to the park I miss it so much.

Abi: Sure we can sit on the monkey bars again.

Justin: okay *smiles*

Abi: cute smile boo

Justin: Thanks

Abi's POV:

I always get that feeling when I'm with Justin, and I think I like him. Should I tell him?

Abi: Justin, I have something to tell you.

Justin: Oh yeah? I have something to tell you too.

Abi: Okay. *smiles* You first

Justin: Okay well I have been talking to Selena Gomez, and I think I like her.

Abi: Oh *starts running back home*

Justin's POV:

What did I just do? I just thought she would want to know that I have feelings for Selena. Oh my gosh I think Abi likes me.





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