Together Forever...... or Not

My name is Haleigh. I am best friends with Louis Tomlinson. I cant think about anything but One Direction now though. I miss seeing Louis everyday, but now I only see him three times a month. I know he is happy and all but it really hurts seeing all these girls flirt with him and him having no time to really see me anymore. That is anyway until One Direction is taking a break from all the touring and interviews. They are coming back to school, my school, while on a break! I am so excited! Until all the boys start hitting on me. I may be bff's with Louis but I think I kinda like Liam or Niall or... What am I saying! What do I do?


4. Where is she?



"Hello" Liam says sleepily.

"Hey Liam, I can't find Haleigh. Have you seen her?"

"No. Weren't you with her last night?"

"Yeah, and she had me sleepover like old times." I said ignoring the fact that we kissed.

"Oh,um.....Have you checked all of the rooms in the flat?"

"Yeah and I am worried about her."

"Well keep looking. I will contact the other boys."

" 'Kay thanks Liam." and with that said I hung up.


               I can't think straight right now. I mean, where could she have gone? Then I remembered that when we were younger she used to hide on the couch. She would hide there and lay down because I wouldn't look there. I wouldn't look there because I could see all of her living room but the couch. So with that in mind I walked to the couch.


"Haleigh? What's wrong?" I ask wearily.

"Nothing." She said it in such a harsh tone. Tears were streaked down her face.

"Haleigh, you know you can tell me anything."

"Louis, last night you asked if I would be yours, right?"

"Yes, why?"

"I don't know what I was thinking. Did I say yes to you?"

"Yeah, where is this going, Haleigh?"

"I don't know." She said with sad puppy dog eyes.

"Haleigh, how about we are still just friends for a while?" I ask with my head down.

"Oh Louis! I am so sorry that I said yes when I didn't exactly mean it. I am just a little uncomfortable......."

I cut her off, "Its okay Haleigh. You don't have to apologize." Taking her into a bear hug I teared up a little.

"Do you still want to hang out? Its okay if you don't want to." Haleigh sighed.

"I would love to! Meet me at my place at one o'clock."

"Bye Louis." She whispered in my ear.




"Bye Louis." I whispered in his ear before he got up.

"Bye Haybear." he said as he walked out.


               I am so stupid! I think I just lost my best friend. It's ten o'clock now. Three hours until  me and Louis hang out. I go take a hot shower and get dressed. I chose to wear my red pants and black LOVE tank. I hope  this day doesn't get any weirder.




"Yep, Haleigh says she is uncomfortable dating me so......."

               I cut Louis off, "Well then your going to make her never forget today!" Everyone but Louis had a mischievous grin.

               "Harry can make the food and set it out. Niall can decorate the living room. Zayn can help Niall. And I will take you shopping."


               "You will see. Lets get moving!"


                 Everybody got to work. Harry was making chocolate covered fruits, a small cake, rose chocolates and Chinese food. Niall was making the ceiling into the night sky with glow-in-the dark stars and planets. Zayn moved the two couches back to the wall and set up a bunch of blankets in the middle of the floor. Louis and I headed out to the store.




"What are we doing Liam?"

"We are going to pick up some candy, flowers, two movies, and jewelry."

" 'Kay."

"What is Haleigh's favorite type of flowers?"

"She likes carnations and roses."

"Okay how about pink and red roses along with purple and blue carnations?"

"She will love them!"

"What is her favorite types of candy?"

"Red liquorice and M&Ms."

" "Kay. What types of movies do you want?"

"How about Romeo and Juliet and a horror movie."

"Okay and last but not least, pick out some earrings, a necklace and bracelet."

"I think she would like.......These heart earrings that say be mine on them......This bracelet with the diamond center and......This necklace with the locket that says 'Together Forever' in it."

"Okay lets go pay and get back so you can get ready."


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