Together Forever...... or Not

My name is Haleigh. I am best friends with Louis Tomlinson. I cant think about anything but One Direction now though. I miss seeing Louis everyday, but now I only see him three times a month. I know he is happy and all but it really hurts seeing all these girls flirt with him and him having no time to really see me anymore. That is anyway until One Direction is taking a break from all the touring and interviews. They are coming back to school, my school, while on a break! I am so excited! Until all the boys start hitting on me. I may be bff's with Louis but I think I kinda like Liam or Niall or... What am I saying! What do I do?


2. The Surprise

          - Haleigh-


              "I knew you were going to be early Louis. So I had to set up for a movie night!" I whispered in Louis ear while the boys were tripping and running out the door.

"That sounds like fun!" Louis said. Then he picked me up bridal style and put me on the couch.

"Louis what do you want to watch?"

"Whatever you want to watch love."

"How about a horror movie so it will feel like old times?"

" 'Kay." Louis said with a smirk.




             I popped the disk in and grabbed a blanket for us to use. I went to make us some popcorn and Louis followed me. I didn't notice until he wrapped his arms around me. "I have something instead of popcorn for us to eat" he whispered in my ear. Then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Lets go!" Louis shouted and ran to the couch. "Louis!" I screeched. He put me down on the couch and grabbed his backpack. He pulled out chocolate covered strawberries, M&Ms and red liquorice. "I brought all of your favorites" Louis said quietly and looked me in the eye. "Thank you Louis!" I say while snuggling up to him. We played the disc.




                   Once one of the murderers came out in the film and ran after a young girl, Haleigh started to shake. I paused the movie and brought he face up to mine.

"Shh. Don't cry. Whats wrong Haybear?"

"Nothing its fine."

I brought her face closer to mine. "Whats wrong? You can tell me anything."

"She started to whimper, "Its just that my ex boyfriend turned out to be a murderer and he started to come after me."

I could tell she was scared. "Have authorities found him yet?" I ask truly concerned.

"No" She was shaking terribly. I could still feel it even though she had pulled away.

"Just always know that you will always be safe with me." I whisper soothingly in her ear.


              She rested her head on my chest again. She wasn't shaking as badly anymore. We played the movie, but when the murderer caught the little girl and killed her, Haleigh whimpered.

              "How about we don't watch that anymore." I say before I pick her up bridal style and carry her to her room. She got in bed and before I left the room said, "Louis can you stay the night?"

             "Sure." Haleigh patted the bed next to her and I climbed in. She turned to face me. Our eyes met, I leaned in and kissed her on the lips passionately. We broke the kiss and I blushed. "Louis.....I know we have been friends since we were two and all but......" I cut her off by kissing her again. She pulled away and smiled. I felt like I was an idiot, I think I just ended our friendship.

"Haleigh, will you be mine?" I asked before crashing my lips against hers.

             "What? Louis......Yes I will be yours!" Haleigh said before she kissed me goodnight and turned over. I put my arm around her waist, assuring her that she was safe.

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