Together Forever...... or Not

My name is Haleigh. I am best friends with Louis Tomlinson. I cant think about anything but One Direction now though. I miss seeing Louis everyday, but now I only see him three times a month. I know he is happy and all but it really hurts seeing all these girls flirt with him and him having no time to really see me anymore. That is anyway until One Direction is taking a break from all the touring and interviews. They are coming back to school, my school, while on a break! I am so excited! Until all the boys start hitting on me. I may be bff's with Louis but I think I kinda like Liam or Niall or... What am I saying! What do I do?


6. Sunday Morning

            I woke up around seven o'clock. Looking around Haleigh was nowhere to be seen. I got up and rubbed my eyes sleepily. I heard Haleigh walk on hardwood flooring. She must be in the kitchen, I thought to myself. I went in the kitchen and saw her sitting behind the island.


             "Whats wrong Haybear?"

             She got up and headed for the door. I was fast though. She opened the door but I turned her around and pushed her against it. Locking it I asked in a firm voice, "Whats wrong Haleigh?" She wouldn't look me in the eye. I loosened my grip and she ran straight into the bedroom locking the door.

"Haleigh what's wrong?"

"Go away Louis!"

"Haleigh open the door."


             I grab the spare key for the bedroom door and unlock it. Haleigh gasped and tried running out the door but I shut it and grabbed her waist.

"Your staying here."

I sat her down on the bed and held her knee.

"Whats wrong Haleigh?"

"Please, Louis, please."

"Whats wrong?" I pushed.

"Louis!" She whimpered.

I crashed my lips into hers.



             Then he crashed his lips into mine. I felt butterflies in my stomach immediately. I started to kiss back but he pulled away.

"Will you tell me whats wrong now?"


"Why not?"

"Because I said so!"

"Please Haleigh, you know I cant stand it when your sad."

              "Fine, I will tell you! I had a nightmare that you left me after one minor argument and I really don't want that to happen." I told him while crying.

              "Haybear I would never even imagine leaving you .......Is that why you said you weren't comfortable with dating me?"

              I coward away, "Yes." I winced at his touch. I open my eyes to realize that all he did was touch my arm. Now he is staring at me.

               "I'm sorry..."

                Louis cut me off by pulling me towards him. He kissed me passionately on the mouth.

                 "Please don't apologize Haleigh, its not your fault. I know you and I have been through a lot...."

                I cut him off by kissing him. He pulled away slowly.

"Are you okay now?"

"Yeah!" I said confidently.

"Good! I will meet you at your flat tomorrow for school, 'kay?

" 'Kay!"

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