Together Forever...... or Not

My name is Haleigh. I am best friends with Louis Tomlinson. I cant think about anything but One Direction now though. I miss seeing Louis everyday, but now I only see him three times a month. I know he is happy and all but it really hurts seeing all these girls flirt with him and him having no time to really see me anymore. That is anyway until One Direction is taking a break from all the touring and interviews. They are coming back to school, my school, while on a break! I am so excited! Until all the boys start hitting on me. I may be bff's with Louis but I think I kinda like Liam or Niall or... What am I saying! What do I do?


8. Promise Me


            "Haleigh, look at me." I lifted her chin up with my index finger and thumb. "Just promise me. Promise me that you'll never lie to me again."

            "Louis I..."

            "Just promise me." I cut her off.

             "I promise." She whispered. I pulled her on top of my lap and started kissing her neck. "Louis.."

            "Yes Love?"

            "Can we ditch school tomorrow? I overheard Zayn, Liam and Niall saying they were."

              "Sure." I mumble, pressing my lips against hers.


             It's 11:30pm right now. Assuming Haleigh's awake, I knock on her door. The door opened and I pulled her out into the hall, shutting the door quietly.

             "What do you want Harry!"

              "You." After that I don't know what got into me. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her roughly.

                "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES! GET OFF OF MY GIRLFRIEND!" Louis yelled from down the hall.


             Around 11:30 Haleigh went to get the door. But this is crazy, shes been gone for an hour! I go out into the hall and see Harry kissing her.

            "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES! GET OFF OF MY GIRLFRIEND!" I shout from the opposite end of the hall. I run down there, pry Harry off of her and pull her into a great big bear like hug. Bringing her back to her flat, I yell over my shoulder, "How could you Harry? I thought we were best mates." And slam the door behind us.

----------------------The next day-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

            Haleigh is still crying nonstop, so I left her alone in the bedroom. I call Niall up. After 1 ring he answers.


"Hey Niall. Its me, Louis."

"Whats up?"

"Can you hang out with Haleigh today?"


"Well, for some reason, she isn't acting herself with me. So I need you to see whats up."

"Okay. How about you take her over here around..."

"Hows seven?" I chimed in.

"Okay see you then. Bye mate."

"Bye Niall."

           It is 5:30 now so I pack a little bag for Haleigh. Inside it is pajamas, clothes, some toiletries and a pillow.

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